Tokyo Olympics: A Role Model In E-waste Management

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Tokyo Olympics: e-waste management

The Olympics is the most exciting, influential, and long-awaited organization for the sports community. Tokyo hosts this incredible event in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, containing thousands of athletes competing in hundreds of different branches and categories. This year the Olympics have an outstanding performance in recycling and sustainability. Especially the e-waste management project was a remarkable success. 

At the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, all these efforts and competitions are rewarded with chunks of metal representing hard work, ambition, and dreams. But these medals contain more than gold, silver, and bronze colors.

2020 Tokyo Medal Project

Before the Olympic game-planning started, the organizing committee had a vision for a game-changing mindset. They wanted to draw attention to the ongoing hazardous activities in our world and the recycling solution to them. This resulted in the Medal Project. Until 2020, the Olympics have not seen recycled material medals.

The Medal Project aimed to make all of the 2020 Olympic Medals out of recycled e-waste materials.

Between April 2017- March 2019, The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games carried out an important milestone for the project. Recyclable e-waste, including used cell phones, was being collected all over Japan.

The  numbers show that around 78,985 tons of e-waste were collected and proceeded. Which approximately contains 32 kg of gold, 3500 kg silver, and 2200 kg bronze material. All of these were smelted into the most memorable and outstanding awards of the last four years.

Tokyo Olympics: A Role Model in e-waste management

A Sustainable Mindset at The Olympics: Why let the waste go to waste

2020 Tokyo Olympics are a game-changer in most fields.  Did you know the bed frames at Olympic village are made out of cardboard and recycled at the end of the games? 

The mattresses will also be recycled into plastic materials to help continue the vision and mission of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2021. These projects contain an important message within them. Why let the waste go to waste when you can use waste management to satisfy your needs? Instead of using limited resources and creating more waste, upcycling what is already produced is much more sustainable.

Some see it as useless waste that can be transformed into something useful, a shiny medal in the Tokyo Olympics case.  One person’s waste can be another person’s treasure. Hopefully, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will influence sustainability projects and e-waste management in the world. And inspire all kinds of organizations for sustainable and innovative solutions.

Evreka’s Solution for E-waste Management

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As Evreka, we emphasize the importance of recycling and waste management; we create and provide according to this mindset. You can track, manage, store, and reach out to previous data during your waste management operations. 

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