Mining E-Waste with Smart Solutions to End The Supply Chain Chaos

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what is e-waste mining

There are thousands of problems that need action in today’s complex world. Yet, you may be surprised to hear about a problem, neither sufficiently discussed nor done enough, the e-waste recycling process! Moreover, if this problem is handled correctly, it will be a solution to the supply chain crisis. So, why are there supply chain issues? How to solve them with efficient e-waste management by mining e-waste? 

With the economic blow of the pandemic, rising inflation rates worldwide, and the Ukraine War, the supply-demand relationship has become more complex than ever. So, what are some problems associated with supply chains? Almost every answer to the question comes together, more risky, costly, and volatile markets.

To explore striking but easy solutions, we invite you to see the link between the future scope of e-waste management and a roadmap to green supply chains with e-waste mining! First, we should examine the e-waste management market.

mining e-waste

What Is The Importance of E-Waste Management?

You may be thinking of e-waste as just a broken device. However, it also means a loss of resources due to its ingredients! Precious metals like nickel, lithium, or gallium are required to create new technological products. Besides, their production becomes arduous or costly due to supply chain shortages, even though demand is constantly increasing and faster for those tools.

Since we do not recycle e-waste suitably, these precious metals both slip out of our hands and take a toxic form. In other words, we should consider a circular perspective not only in terms of production problems but also in the context of electronic waste toxicology and public health issues.

Moreover, these resources are not limited to the daily use of electronic devices but must be used in every field, from solar panels to laboratory materials. In addition, mining causes significant damage to nature and consumes limited resources, thus aggravating the climate crisis.

Also, demand constantly boosts to form “chaos in supply chains.” Besides the rising precious metal prices, lithium prices increased by almost 500% between 2021 and 2022! Instead of limited natural resources, how about mining e-waste for a holistic solution?

electronic waste toxicology and public health issues

Why Do We Need Mining E-Waste?

Imagine a huge ship. It weighs probably 100,000 tons, right? Now picture bringing 500 of these ships side by side. That’s the average amount of e-waste generated each year, and Global E-Waste Monitor is expecting it to grow to 74 million tonnes by 2030! However, only about 10 percent of this waste is recycled efficiently, and the rest is thrown away in landfills to form harmful emissions with a massive loss of resources.

Also, remember, above 7500 tons of silver and more than 320 tons of gold are used to make electronic devices each year. Then, evaluate the efforts to find these metals and the environmental and health damage. Not evaluating e-waste causes irreversible harm in every respect!

Hence, those looking for a solution to domestic waste now have to start thinking about e-waste. Because starting from individual awareness will create circular economy solutions based on efficient e-waste recycling with new product designs and regaining methods. 

future scope of e-waste management

What Is E-Waste Mining Exactly?

Mining e-waste for precious metals is the best method of obtaining valuable resources and recirculating them of the highest quality without harming the planet. For a circular and green economy, we have to recover materials as much as possible with e-mining, namely, urban mining.

Especially universities and companies’ R&D departments work for this, but everyone has a job in e-mining, like a treasure hunt! We can apply many ways, from policy incentives to individual consumption habits and take-back schemes. Such as:

  • Incentives for rising e-scrap recycling rates
  • Encourage people to recycle electronic devices
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable product design
  • Prevention of e-scrap export from developed countries

For these moves and more, you need a sustainable waste management structure with an efficient e-scrap collection and recycling system. Don’t worry; Evreka’s e-waste recycling software service is perfect for this job!

a roadmap to green supply chains

Smart Evreka Solutions to E-Waste Management

Evreka sets out for a better world and prepares digital waste management solutions forming the basis for sustainable development. EvrekaCrew is sensitive to the issue of e-waste and has managed more than 1 million recyclable wastes and e-waste throughout 2021.

We are also responsible for all e-waste management in Singapore, together with our solution partner ALBA. If you want a strong e-waste management system, take advantage of our best-in-industry solutions!

E-Waste Recycling Center and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Solutions

With Evreka’s integrated hardware and software solutions, you can establish an efficient collection system through fast communication among stakeholders. By getting support from Asset Management to Engagement, you can easily separate the e-scraps that regularly reach the recycling center collection points and MRFs with optimized routes. In e-waste recycling centers:

  • While the administrative burden is reduced, the office efficiency increases and legal obligations are fulfilled without any problems.
  • Supply-demand balance is met as much as possible through inbound/outbound logistics in real-time with an integrated system.
  • Managers can control whole processes, contracts, and prices of the goods they buy or sell easily.
  • Processing is streamlined with sustainability reports, data history, statements, and online payment access.
  • Gross margin reports from customers, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders provide critical insights into the business and operations.
  • It provides the opportunity to view delivery status, billing, fees, and requests instantly.
  • You can fully control and manage all transactions and data from a single platform.

With our MRF Management solution, managers can:

  • View every material via a mobile app at any time. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs by developing a regular asset maintenance program.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with engagement and ensure employee safety.
  • Boost efficiency with a reporting dashboard and detailed analysis of energy use, resource allocation, and operation completion time.
  • Maximize inbound and outbound control around facilities.
  • Eliminate trackability problems with real-time data for specified operations.
  • Optimize whole operations with total digital control with an inner standard and savings.
  • WEEE management plan and strategic resource planning also become easier than ever!

In addition to all, you will have no problems with billing activities with specified options!.

The most promising part is to do your best for sustainable growth as your business grows! Contact us today to meet the sustainable waste management world of Evreka.


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