The Dawn of Sustainable Growth: Evreka 2020

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Evreka's year of 2020

2020 went by in a flash and what a year it’s been! In early 2020 the entire world underwent a transformation. The planet was consumed by a pandemic that altered life as we knew it. Most of our normal routines changed immediately. However, as Evreka, we made a quick adaptation to this situation and found our rhythm very fast. After nearly ten unprecedented months of working from home, we progressed without interruption and we have not allowed the effecta of the coronavirus to dampen our spirit. We have been continuing to operate sustainably offering innovative solutions in challenging times to make a positive impact on nature, industry, and communities we serve. 

As Evreka we try to make proper waste management services accessible to communities that couldn’t reach them. The more we make it accessible, the more we contribute to the planet. That’s what we value. Evreka touches the lives of millions of people in more than 40 countries. With transparent communication with users, showing great flexibility throughout each phase of the projects and its endless support; Evreka solutions seen as the most trustable solution in the waste management industry in 2020 as well. As a technology company, we have revolutionized the way of waste management. Many thanks to our new and existing clients and business partners for being with us on this road! 

Here is Evreka’s year of 2020 with numbers!

  • The operation time elapsed is equal to 242M minutes, which represents 3.5 times growth compared to last year.
  • The number of operations followed increased by 1.5 times, the number of completed tasks exceeded 75M.
  • With Evreka’s solutions, over 12M tons of waste collected, which is more than 3 times compared to last year. 
  • The distance traveled by the fleets managed is equal to the rotation around the Earth 1830 times.
  • 14M kg of CO2 emissions were prevented, which is as much as 650,000 trees can do in a single year.
  • The number of total asset tracking increased to 270.000 with Evreka’s intelligent solutions. 
  • With the addition of new cities, users of citizen management have increased to 393K in total.

Evreka positions itself as a company that always keeps its users at its center and responds to their needs instantly. Evreka always updates itself to be the best solution provider in the industry in light of the “Always Better” vision. With every step we take, we continue to adopt the core principles that guide our actions at Evreka: 

We care!

Be hungry to improve!

Be passionate!

Always People First

Be Agile!

Create fun and a little weirdness

Communicate fearlessly to build trust!

It is either zero or one

Do something that you are not ready to do

Evreka is expanding very fast!

Countries that are included in the service area of Evreka have increased significantly in 2020! Currently, Evreka serves the most comprehensive solution in more than 40 different countries with love and joy! 

in every way…

As we speak of expanding, the expansion was reflected in EvrekaCrew as well and the number of our employees reached 42 in 2020. There is the world’s best crew behind all this success! If you want to be a part of this marvelous family, click here and apply now.

Evreka is the prizewinner!

Our CEO Umutcan Duman has been selected for the prestigious Fortune 40 Under 40. We were also awarded second place for the 2020 Blog Writing Competition organized by ISWA with the blog post written by our colleague under the title “How Pandemic Changes The Consumption and Touches The Dynamism of Waste Management”. 

From the customer-centric point of view, Evreka will keep striving for the needs of its users transparently. In the light of our global experience in waste collection and city cleaning and by being aware that we all have responsibilities for a livable and sustainable world we will continue to reflect an outstanding level of innovation by embracing environmental initiatives and enhancing real business value and enhancing sustainability.

We’ve highlighted a few of the thousands of improvements we’ve made over the years. As EvrekaCrew, we will continue to work hard to offer you the best and we will keep being #AlwaysBetter!


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