Global Garbage Crisis and High Tech Solutions

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global garbage crisis and high-tech solutions

Tons of waste is produced in the world every day, mostly due to the rapid urbanization and consumption rate. According to the World Bank data, annual waste has increased to 4.5 trillion pounds! Solutions are usually sought at landfill sites for garbage disposal problems. Still, old-fashioned techniques in landfills create their problems rather than solutions when looking at the global garbage problem.

The logic behind the landfills, “out of sight, out of mind,” worsens the waste problem. They are actually the foundations for more significant environmental issues because of methane gas emissions. For example, solid waste landfills are the 3rd most extensive source of human-caused methane emissions in the US, which are the reasons for 15% of methane emissions in 2019, equivalent to emissions of over 20 million drivers over that year

Suppose we don’t see the underlying problems in waste management and continue such routines. In that case, the global garbage problem will reach unprecedented levels and intensify the problems we are faced with, in particular the climate crisis. What happened in the Pacific Ocean is like a fragment of what can happen. 

Thus, thinking about managing these wastes more precisely is essential. Fortunately, technology is our biggest supporter in this regard. Many solutions can be developed through the use of high technology, from the waste collection, separation stages to recycling in facilities. How would you like to take a closer look at the reason for the world’s garbage problem and the positive impact high-tech waste management solutions have on solving it?

global garbage crisis

Global Garbage Problem: What Are The Reasons?

Looking at garbage disposal problems and solutions, we see that growing populations and municipal solid waste (MSW) enlarge the problem in this context. As we mentioned, waste usually goes to landfills and turns into a garbage mountain by accumulating. For example, one of the world’s largest landfills in Indonesia, Bantar Gebang, reaches 7,000 tons of trash daily, and the government has decided to evacuate surrounding villages to allow the landfill to grow further. Additionally, the waste accumulating in landfills mixes with water and eventually the oceans. So, what are the main garbage disposal problems and solutions?

  • Single-use plastics: Plastic pollution has increased with the augmented use of disposable products and PPE in the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Food waste: Globally, 1/3 of the food produced goes to waste.
  • Electronic waste: Only 17.4% of e-waste can be recycled efficiently.
  • Textile waste: The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the global greenhouse emission because around 92 million metric tons of textile waste is generated every year.
  • Decreased recycling rates: Especially in developed countries, the recycling rate has decreased with Covid-19. Instead of recycling, countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany have preferred to export waste to poorer nations.

All these garbage disposal problems and landfill pollution can create even bigger crises if the source of the problem is not properly addressed. The source obviously lies in stale waste management techniques. By starting from the stage of collecting waste in cities and making recycling more cost-efficient and manageable, we can reduce the world’s garbage problem and create greener and cleaner cities.

fleet route

Meet the World of Technology and Trash

The main road ahead is clear, efficient collection of urban waste and effective recycling. For this, every detail needs to be considered, from communication to determining an efficient and quick picking system. Fortunately, Evreka has thought of every detail for you, from collection to the recycling facilities, enabling you to carry out the operations in an automized way!

Asset Management

With Evreka’s Asset Management, authorities can provide full control of assets during public waste collection. Thanks to Fill Level Sensors, the fullness rate, temperature and location of the containers are determined by real-time data, and you earn both time and cost. Also, the authorities can:

  • Immediately view stocks for inventory management.
  • Create more accurate strategies by evaluating old and new data.
  • Stop loss and corruption in assets.
  • Track all assets in real-time.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software determines the collection route in the most efficient and eco-friendly way and provides fleet control with accurate data. This way, you can:

  • View the vehicle-based, driver-based, and time-based status of fleets with a real-time map.
  • Learn all the details up to the vehicles’ fuel amount and maintenance times.
  • Determine an efficient transportation route according to a data-based plan and traffic.
  • Change the plan and increase agility by getting instant notification about the problems.
  • Add new vehicles to the fleet and make changes.
  • Connect related devices to vehicles.
  • Reach the desired table structure with standard and dynamic fields.

Besides, if you receive data from more than one device, you can choose which one to prioritize and show on the map.


Considering the average trash per person, it becomes crucial for citizens and customers to effectively be a part of the waste collection process. In this respect, Evreka developed a valuable and interactive communication channel with Engagement. With this solution:

  • Citizens and customers can view containers and get info about selected ones.
  • Changed collection times, procedures and a plan can be viewed, a new service can be requested if necessary.
  • Managers can quickly take action by displaying all feedback and needs from participants on a single screen, reducing administrative workload.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Management

We mentioned that recycling management is sometimes quite complex, troublesome, and costly and that this is the main reason for the world’s garbage problem. Luckily, Evreka’s MRF Management Software eases the work in recycling facilities! With this software, managers can:

  • Maximize inbound and outbound control at facilities.
  • See the material flow data accurately.
  • Increase recycling efficiency by reducing the costs, administrative work, and time spent.
  • Control the whole process via mobile app with seamless integration.

These are just a part of what Evreka offers. Contact us today for more information about Evreka’s hardware and software solutions!


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