Why Retailers Need WasteDashboard: 5 Exceptional Benefits

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In the retail world, being sustainable is a big deal and managing waste plays a huge part. That’s where Evreka’s WasteDashboard comes in. This smart solution highlights the role of sustainability in retail and helps you handle waste in your stores more easily and effectively.

In this blog, we’ll explain why WasteDashboard is making big waves in the retail industry and how it can help you boost your sustainable efforts.

Key Challenges in Retail Waste Management

Let’s talk about your challenges first. At Evreka, we are aware of the difficulties retailers face in managing waste and ensuring sustainability. While every retailer deals with unique waste management challenges, these are the ones industry leaders most often mention.

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Traceability Challenges

Managing waste traceability across the supply chain can be a significant challenge for retailers. Documenting the journey of each waste item, from generation to disposal or recycling, is a complex task. Especially when you’re dealing with multiple suppliers, each operating their own waste tracking systems.

Moreover, ensuring sustainability within these supply chains adds another layer of complexity. Your suppliers also need to prioritize sustainable waste management practices, reduce carbon emissions during waste transportation, and incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their business.

Waste Reduction Challenges 

Waste reduction issues come in many forms. Especially, cutting down on food waste is a big challenge for grocery retailers and requires careful attention to several areas. You must be familiar with the following challenges if you manage a grocery retail store:

  • Keeping track of expiration dates
  • Ensuring accurate stock levels to prevent overordering
  • Predicting customer demand to avoid surpluses

But there’s more! Implementing an effective waste management system and a comprehensive recycling strategy is equally challenging for retailers because every step takes time and effort.

Packaging Challenges

It is often difficult for retailers to reduce waste due to excessive packaging. The common use of single-use plastics like bags, containers, and wrapping makes this problem worse. If retailers could track, separate, and recycle packaging waste properly, they could decrease packaging waste and contribute to the circular economy.

When it comes to retail waste management, sustainability-driven solutions have the power to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Benefits We Provide to Your Retail Business

WasteDashboard, our comprehensive waste traceability solution, provides solutions specific to retail needs. Here are 5 amazing benefits of Evreka WasteDashboard you won’t find anywhere else!

✅Monitoring Waste in Real-Time

Evreka WasteDashboard gives retailers the power to take immediate, informed action by delivering real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities. The dashboard provides a detailed overview of waste generation and disposal patterns across all retail locations. For example, retailers can effectively handle excessive waste problems by identifying peaks in packaging waste and making necessary adjustments.

✅Making Data-Driven Decisions 

With Evreka WasteDashboard, you can make informed decisions based on data. The platform analyzes waste data to reveal trends, patterns, and areas of concern. By having access to rich data at your fingertips, you can manage challenges like supply chain traceability and sustainability. Basically, we enable you to identify where waste is produced, how much waste is produced, and how to improve supply chain operations to align them with sustainability goals.

✅Reducing Waste Strategically

The dashboard not only tracks waste but also provides insights and tools to develop effective waste reduction strategies. Understanding the types and sources of waste helps retailers devise and implement targeted waste reduction strategies. Therefore, we designed our solution to provide a variety of insights for present and future decisions.

✅Managing Traceability and Suppliers

It is now much easier to trace where waste comes from and goes with Evreka’s WasteDashboard. It provides a clear picture of waste movement throughout your supply chain by seamlessly integrating suppliers into your waste management strategy. This visibility enhances communication, boosts transparency, and encourages suppliers to share your commitment to sustainability. 

✅Engaging Eco-Conscious Customers

Evreka WasteDashboard helps retailers engage their customers in their green journey beyond educating them about sustainability. You could use the dashboard to demonstrate waste management and sustainability initiatives to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Find out what makes WasteDashboard different. Request a demo now and start your journey towards sustainable retail waste management.

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