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The age of high technology we live in has increased the waste problem more than ever, but we have found the solution to this problem again thanks to technology. The most helpful solution came from Evreka: Material recovery facility, which is MRF. Let’s take a look at the transformative effect of MRF in recycling and waste management.

MRF: What Has Evreka Changed?

Before we see what Evreka has changed in the industry, we need to give a more detailed answer to this simple question: What is MRF? Material Recovery Facility, MRF, refers to converting the collected waste into a quality secondary resource. Consequently, this waste management solution receives, separates, and prepares recyclables to be sold to an end-user. In other words, although the MRF is sometimes content to act as a warehouse for hazardous waste, it generally prepares the wastes that can be recycled and paves the way for their reuse. But MRF, which looks so helpful, has many challenges in itself.

MRF Challenges

– There is too much uncoverable or non-recyclable material for MRF.

– Hazardous wastes increase the cost as well as the risk.

– Technology and machinery can remain very outdated in the face of developments.

– Similarly, there may be problems with e-waste that is not designed to be recycled.

– Processes such as waste analysis, accurate forecasting, and unintegrated processes also complicate the MRF operation.

Fortunately, Evreka has come up with solutions that minimize all these problems!

Evreka’s Huge Benefits on MRF

Evreka, which makes the MRF waste management process more optimal, provides constructive solutions, especially technological problems. Now, Evreka provides an MRF Management solution that keeps inventory records effortlessly while managing and controlling every moment of the processes. It also boosts profits and saves time as it carries out all of them in an integrated way! You will also have privileges such as:

– Appropriately collection of material flow data.

– Maximizes inbound & outbound control.

– Eliminates technical problems and then simplifies and standardizes the waste management solution.

– Thanks to automation and integration in the process, Evreka’s MRF provides a seamless experience.

– You can see the whole process through the mobile app.

– The efficiency you will get from recycling and the contribution of cheaper raw materials to the industry will increase tremendously.

– Most notably, with Evreka, resource savings will increase like never before as you will catch the latest technology. Because with this Evreka’s MRF Management solution, you can also manage e-waste!

Impact of Evreka on Recycling of Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is a massive pile of unwanted or obsolete electronic devices. Just imagining the cell phones sold every year can be enough to scare you! According to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum, the e-waste rate is expected to rise to 57.4 million tons in 2021 due to the impact of Covid-19 and primarily increased remote working and education. However, a negligible amount of these wastes, 17.4%, can be efficiently recycled. 

Luckily, Evreka comes into play here too! Evreka, which deals with Singapore’s entire e-waste stock, provides a highly effective and minimized-cost MRF process on a single platform with high-tech sensors.

Why Evreka’sutions are game-changers?

Evreka, which proved its success in e-waste, the weak stomach of MRF, has developed a state-of-the-art system by overcoming the challenges in the sector one by one. Having completely digitized inventory management, process management, reporting, and inbound and outbound control processes, Evreka brought MRF, facility management, and resource management processes to completely different levels. This system:

– Handle facilities and equipment.

– Streamline the work order.

– Adaptable to almost any use case.

– Reduces energy cost.

– Thanks to the latest technology, it makes recycling the most fruitful.

– Strategic resource planning just got more straightforward!

Future of MRF Management

In recent years, the impact of the climate crisis has begun to be felt more severely worldwide, and everyone considered the need to turn to sustainable policies and more productive use of resources. MRF Management can end the confusion about sustainability policies because it is an area that is open to development and needs to be used more effectively as one of the most useful ways to create new resources. 

Making MRF Management even more powerful is possible by taking action in areas such as e-waste, where recycling is still very low, getting support from the latest technology, and getting help from an integrated, digital solution, namely from Evreka!

Request a demo today for Evreka’s best MRF solutions!


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