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  • SLA Management

    You can control and customize your SLAs using the Evreka SLA management module, set up separate agreements, and run reports to help you keep track. SLA management module assists in evaluating efficiency, tracking issues, checking goals, response times, avoiding missed collections, and more. Cloud-based SLA for service desk managers is designed to monitor ticket and request status, take action if the deadline is missed, and notify at each time.

  • Contract Management

    Evreka offers a robust best-in-class contract management platform that improves the profitability, sales, and market share of waste operators across the globe while guaranteeing and securing margins. Waste operators are always facing contractual problems that can affect their finances and operations. To minimize these risks and optimize the financial return over the duration of the deal, operators need to ensure the best-fit terms and pricing structure is set up. It is a module for ensuring accurate billing arrangements and service agreements to match each customer’s particular requirements.

  • Order Management

    The days of carrying loads of paper, both in-cab and back at the office, are over with a digital order management system. This module is fully digitizing the waste collection, solid waste management, and recycling companies’ order management workflows from both call centers and the field. With real-time data and operation monitoring, both documents and processes are digitized and reinforced.

  • Customer Management

    The customer management module can help by synchronizing customer interactions between business units. It acts as a customer lifecycle record system for contacts and accounts. Businesses with this module can monitor, automate, analyze, and optimize customer experiences, such as prioritizing some accounts for a VIP level service.

What We Provide

Evreka’s unique Customer Management system covers the complete customer relations of your business. You can better understand your customer’s needs and expectations, improve your service quality, and, ultimately, ensure absolute customer satisfaction. To learn more about our Customer Management solution, download the one-pager or see one of our success stories.

With customized solutions and our experts supporting your business, interacting with customers has never been easier.

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