Impacts of Climate Crisis: Forest Fires

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Climate Crisis

In the last two summers, all around the world forests were burned enormously. In 2020 there were huge forest fires in Amazon rainforests and Australian forests. Also in the U.S there were 58,950 forest fires in 2020 compared with the last years the number of forest fires exceeded the last years number of forest fires.Natural life was destroyed in those places. Wildlife is affected negatively. Animals died and plants perished. Moreover, in summer 2021 forest fires hit the headlines all over the world. Especially in several places like Italy, Turkey and Greece the nature is devastated by those forest fires. Forests are burning and animals are dying. Because of that, the ecology is being destroyed. Our planet is dying every day slowly. We, as human beings, are experiencing climate crisis. The climate is changing in the worst way for future generations. We need to take immediate action in order to prevent forest fires and stop climate change.

It is so devastating that if we can not do anything about the climate crisis, then our children and grandchildren have to deal with many worse problems. We cannot witness the collapse of our planet. Our house is on fire. Because of that, we need to take immediate action about the climate crisis. 

What can we do about stopping the these crisis? 

Firstly, we need to understand what is the problem that causes climate change. As human beings, our current system compounds the climate crisis. We create a lot of waste every single day in every part of the world, the waste generated per person per day ranges widely, from 0.11 to 4.54 kilograms. For example, glass shards can cause forest fires in the summertime due to rising temperatures. These wastes are harmful to our planet. Because of they are the reasons of forest fires and other climate crisis elements. As human beings we need to take actions against harmful wastes for instance we can decrease waste generation or make sure that wastes do not harm our planet. So, we can stop the climate crisis. To do that we need to change our daily habits. For example, we cannot throw glass or other types of wastes into nature, because of that they can be the reason for uncontrollable forest fires. 

Stop climate crisis

Our current daily habits create huge wastes all around the world and many of us do not know how to deal with our wastes. For instance, every day we use different materials such as plastic, glass and other materials, some of these materials can be recycled and then we can use them again. It is important to maintain sustainability. 

To do that first we need to learn how to manage our wastes. After that, we can prevent forest fires, save animals and plants. We need to take good care of our house, planet earth.

It is so important to learn how to deal with our wastes to stop climate change, in other words proper waste management is significant to be awared of.  We need sustainable solutions for a better future for our planet. Furthermore, we need to practice sustainability and also learn waste management. Having awareness about waste management and sustainability will help us in stopping climate change. Due to that smart solid waste management is an important solution for better future.

Evreka Touch in Climate Crisis Solutions 

As Evreka, we acknowledge that the importance of sustainability and the threat of climate change is inevitable. That’s why, we create solutions for a better planet earth. It is so significant for us to prevent the climate crisis. Because of that our solutions are focused on smart waste management methods.

Evreka provides eco-friendly solid waste management solutions. According to your specific situation, we provide you software and hardware smart waste management solutions. Efficiency and effectiveness are so important for us so that our software and hardware solutions benefit you. We manage waste in the smartest way possible and provide future generations with better planet earth. 

If you are interested in preventing the climate crisis and protecting our house, planet earth then you can examine our solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions! 


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