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household collection

Waste collection is the first step a waste management company interacts with its customers. Therefore, waste collector companies should be professional and should use the best products and solutions to make their clients satisfied with the service they provide. 

Household waste, also known as domestic or residential waste, is the disposable wastes or recyclables accumulated by households. The amount of waste generated depends on the number of residents in the house or on the type of day, regular or a special event. Household wastes mainly divided into two. Non-hazardous household wastes and hazardous household wastes. Non-hazardous wastes consist of food wastes, bottles, paper. Hazardous household wastes are many e-wastes. To provide the best collection service, waste management companies should use household waste collection software solutions. 

Engagement module is one of the best software solutions for easing the communication between citizens and waste management companies. Engagement module helps authorities to check out notifications from citizens that are sent from CitizenApp. With CitizenApp, residents can request collections, check collection times, find the locations of recycling containers and track all the waste management processes. Citizen satisfaction is now easier with the best waste management software solutions.

household collection

CaptainApp is another application that is used in waste management operations. With Fleet Management and this application, you can get answers to the HSEQ questionnaires, track your employees, assign new tasks, and get notifications if any problem occurs. After collection, drivers can take before/after photos of the task and send them to citizens through their CitizenApp and let them know about the collection.

Waste collection is a lot easier with bin collection software solutions. With Fill Level Sensor, waste collection is more efficient because waste collectors only go to the containers that are full. Fill level sensor helps you track the fullness level of the container, real-time location, temperature, and movements of the container. With this hardware solution, your business is more profitable due to less fuel consumption.

Evreka helps you with every phase of your waste management operation. Food waste collection software solutions help you collect household wastes the best way possible. Bin pickup software solutions help you collect wastes from multiple locations efficiently. Evreka hardware and software solutions will make your waste management operations easier and more profitable.

With Evreka’s software and hardware solutions, your business is now more efficient.


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