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Technology is moving at an incredible speed. This is an amazing era where things like quantum computing and  autonomous cars are becoming real as we speak. Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles , deep learning, and concepts like these are about to reshape our world. But what does technology innovation really mean though? 

Technology innovation is an extended concept of innovation. While innovation is a rather well-defined concept, it has a wide meaning to many people and especially countless understanding in the academic and business world. Innovation refers to adding extra levels of developing new services and products in the marketplace or in the public that fulfill unaddressed needs or solve problems that were not in the past. However, technology Innovation focuses on the technological features of a service or product rather than lining the entire organization’s business model. It is necessary to clarify that Innovation is not only driven by technology.

Today, you can use technology for almost everything including taking out the trash. When it comes to solid waste management and treatment, there are specific technologies. Common and the most effective way to handle waste is by producing an integrated system that consists of high tech, the waste management industry, and the public sector. The integration of mentioned businesses can generate new motivations to boost the value generated as well as lead the growth of markets for recovered products.

Technology Innovation

Speaking of technology, it is essential to comprehend the contribution of waste management innovations. Completely new solutions and improved methods reform the processes in the right direction.

With smart waste management technology, companies from nearly every industry are able to track their trash more closely than ever before. Not only can smart waste collection systems help to cut costs, but they can help to decrease your company’s environmental impact. From smart bins to trash can sensors, garbage collection has never been so high tech.

If you have been following by now, you might want to continue reading some of the solid waste management innovations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

There are many elements used as solutions for global waste management. Each one of them provides a different requirement and creates value. In today’s world the key is: data. A variety of measurable datasets are generated and stored by the elements in order to be used. With the measurable data it is way easier to plan every phase of waste management.

IoT allows devices to connect with each other and bring innovative paths to make the process more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence

Waste management is a complicated process.It can be challenging to decide on the most efficient way in each phase. Processing all the data available from software and hardware used in waste management steps might not be easy for individuals. At every step of the way, a virtual assistant amplified with accurate data is ready to assist all kinds of managerial preferences. 

waste management software

Fill Level Sensors

As we already know, solid waste management begins with the collection process. Since the garbage containers are the visual representatives of the solid waste management process, it is advantageous for businesses to adapt to innovative ways of tracking containers.

With wireless sensors planted in containers, it is possible to monitor the containers’ fill levels through temperature and live location. This innovation enables managers to optimize the solid waste management process and increase their control. With complex programming and detailed real-time data it sends, planning waste management processes is more efficient.

Robotic Garbage Cans

It is essentially a pair of robotic wheels that are compatible with any public-issued trash container. There is also a function in this invention to be scheduled for the time and day of the district’s garbage pickup.

Today with innovative technology used in waste management, every process can be planned in an efficient and effective way. Companies from almost every business can manage their waste and from the measurable data that innovative tech produces.

Evreka leads innovative waste management solutions as well as follows the latest technological inventions. If you’re interested in how technology shapes the efficiency level of waste management processes, you can take a look at our smart solution family.


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