Route optimization

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Explore how Evreka can maximize your profit and efficiency with intelligent route optimization solutions.

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  • Optimize routes with all-inclusive solutions

    The basic logic of route optimization is quite simple, to ensure that you reach the target destination in the most cost-efficient and safe way. Hence, while reducing operational costs and time, you also reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage. However, the operation of the process is not as simple as the underlying logic. You should get the right data stream from the fields and communicate quickly with the citizens or customers while controlling all the assets, fleets, and employees. Luckily, the integration of Evreka’s best-in-industry hardware and software solution is your most extensive help!

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  • Manage your fleet effortlessly

    Route optimization has never been this easy, thanks to Evreka. Track all your vehicles in real-time via connected devices, analyze performance, assign routes, and get notifications in case of emergencies with Evreka Fleet Management. You can assign new tasks and routes with an all-in-one platform, and drivers can view routes and notify task completion with mobile applications.

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  • Track your assets with integrated hardware solutions

    Manage your assets for efficient route optimization with high-tech hardware and software solutions. You can monitor the state of your assets with fill level sensors by tracking location, fullness level, and temperature. After monitoring these parameters, you can assign new routes and tasks with our intelligent software solutions. Ensure your fleet is always on the right route by tracking your fleet and checking task completion.

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  • Benefits

    • Cost, time, fuel, and energy efficiency

    • Ensure road safety with real-time data

    • Eliminate trackability problem

    • Reducing carbon emissions to achieve net-zero targets

    • Decreasing environmental pollution

    • Customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    • Minimizing asset corruption

    • Real-time control of fleet and employees through mobile apps to agile optimization

    • Overall, sustainable and maximum profitable operations

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Evreka offers solutions to municipalities and recycling companies in more than 20 countries with GPS fleet tracking systems and garbage truck routing software solutions. Route optimization has never been this efficient and profitable! Contact us today for all the details of Evreka’s #AlwaysBetter solutions.

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