A Guide of Municipal Solid Waste Management Solutions for a Better Future

municipal solid waste management

All of us are waste producers. We are doing dozens of activities to maintain our lives which end up waste that needs to be disposed of. We are throwing our waste to containers and after, a long and complex process is starting, that is municipal solid waste management

If you think about the waste that you are producing and multiply it by the thousands of people you can imagine how much waste is produced everyday and how difficult and crucial it is to manage this process for a better life for all. Therefore, a lot of municipalities are trying to transform their processes into digitized methods that will ease and make efficient the solid waste management processes.

The Meaning of Municipal Solid Waste

Let’s start with the meaning of municipal solid waste. This waste type is known as trash or garbage that consists of everyday items we use and throw away such as product packages, furniture, clothes, newspapers etc. We are producing this waste type in our houses, schools, hospitals and in some businesses. 

municipal solid waste management

As we can imagine this waste is increasingly generated as the population gets more crowded. We can give one example from the US here. In 2018 the total amount of municipal solid waste produced was 232.4 million tons which is a huge amount that needs to be managed carefully. For this reason, a lot of countries are encouraging the companies to produce zero waste products to decrease the volume that needs to be managed.

The question is what needs to be done to manage the waste that is increasing with the increasing population? The answer is for sure with the help of the technology! 

The Rise of Smart Cities

As we know today the transformation to smart cities is increasing. More and more people are realizing the need of using different types of electronic methods for data collection and analysis to manage assets, resources and services efficiently in a lot of cities. By doing this they aim to enhance their operations in cities. Smart waste management is one of the areas that is needed to be enhanced in their smart city plans. 

municipal solid waste management

In order to do this, a lot of municipalities are trusting the digitized solutions that waste management companies offer. They are transforming their waste management plans to smart waste management plans in which they use the IoT, GPS and RFID technologies to apply their smart city plan. This helps them to collect, track, manage and report the massive amount of information more efficiently, more effective and more transparent which will help them to reach operational excellence in this crucial topic. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

As we mentioned before municipalities get help from the waste management companies that offer digitized solutions in their municipal solid waste management plans. However, this topic needs to be tracked very closely. For this reason, Especially, in the IT sector, a lot of parties that do business together use Service-Level-Agreements when they are outsourcing one service in their business plans. 

SLA makes clear the service level that is expected, the measurement of this level and penalties if the expected level that is not reached for both parties. Therefore, we can think of it as a protection for both parties. 

Because of the reasons mentioned above municipal solid waste SLA is an important topic. Since municipalities deal with the waste of a lot of people, a guaranteed proper service is crucial for them. The waste management companies need to ensure their service level that they are going to provide to support operational excellence of municipalities for a better environment.


As Evreka we know how important it is to help municipalities to reach operational excellence in municipal solid waste management. Municipalities are dealing with a huge volume of waste and for this reason the help of advanced technologies for tracking, controlling, analyzing and reporting the waste management processes are crucial. Especially with the rise of smart city plans, the need for smart waste management increased dramatically and in order for you to keep up with this new trend we are providing solutions for you!

We are creating state of art solutions for local authorities for household waste management systems, recycling collection, route planning, fleet management technology, and citizen applications. These will help them to generate smart environments, sustainable services and make citizens more satisfied. 

If you want to get more information about municipal solid waste management you can check our eBook about municpal solid waste management, read our other blogs to understand important details about municipal solid waste or check our solutions. If you want to become a member of this smart city trend contact with us!


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