Everything About Recycling Franchise System

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Recycling Franchise System

Recycling, a must for sustainable environmental policy, becomes more efficient with a good waste management solution, and this solution is possible by taking advantage of advanced technology. One of the best ways to achieve or get closer to zero waste goals seems to be the franchise system that combines technology and expertise. So what exactly is the franchise system, and how does it make a difference? Let’s find out!

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What is the Franchise System?

The waste franchise system is a waste collection solution that has been frequently preferred, especially in the US, since the 1990s. Unlike the open market, which is more competitive and allows for numerous haulers, the franchise system specifically covers long-term agreements of municipalities with a particular hauler. Within the scope of agreements, certain zones are created, and the wastes are collected from there. 

This method, which allows the public sector to have greater control over waste management, serves to act within specific targets and gets more efficiency from recycling. Then, what makes it preferable even in an economy like the US, which attaches great importance to the free market?

Los Angeles Case

Los Angeles switched to a franchise system in 2017, with the aim of increasing the recycling rate to 90% by 2025 and to 100% by 2050. The Los Angeles Board of Public Works, which signed a $3.5 million waste hauling deal for ten years, created 11 different franchise locations.

Under the Zero Waste LA program, landfill disposal had to be reduced by 1 million tons per year, and the recycling process had to be accelerated. In order to realize the Zero Waste plan, long-term cooperation, that is, a franchise system that will directly affect recycling was needed. So what could be the other advantages of this long-term cooperation?

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Benefits of the Franchise System

  • The franchise waste collection system is more accountable for its acts, as specific plans and targets are worked on the frame of long-term binding agreements. Hence it is a brilliant solution for a plan like zero waste.
  • Thanks again to long-term franchise contracts, haulers have the opportunity to develop green infrastructure services according to the needs of the operating region and reach higher diversion rates.
  • These new infrastructure services and the growing recycling sector can bring many new business lines.
  • It creates a chance to establish a vehicle system that uses clean fuel, takes the shortest route to the collection zones, and does not create suffocating traffic. In other words, it comes down to a more efficient collection route and a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Not to mention that this customizing service is created with a more transparent and cost-effective business!
  • According to Bob Cappadona, vice president of Casella Recycling, the result of this long-term cooperation enables the control of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) with a much more effective process. MRFs are facilities where collected waste comes from and is reprocessed for use as a secondary source. You can also find software solutions based on the latest technology for these facilities, which are the most important pillars of recycling, at Evreka!

Best Recycling Solutions

Fortunately, Evreka not only provides you with a more effective waste collection method but also offers software and hardware solutions that take care of every detail from asset management to MRF management.

For example, thanks to operation management, you can view every step of the recycling and waste management process and get a solution to increase operational efficiency.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and seamless integration, you can benefit from the advantage of an innovative waste management solution, thus saving cost and time, and enjoy practical and environmentally friendly solutions from waste collection to recycling.

Request a demo today for Evreka’s best waste management solutions!


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