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A waste collection system must be designed and managed in an integrated way. All connections in the management sequence should be considered for system design so that all system elements are harmonious. For instance, the method of loading a collection truck must suit the bins and containers that are used to store the waste. In another instance: for effective recycling, the collection stage should be excellently designed so that there is a minimum degree of contamination of the material destined for recycling.

If waste is to be deposited at a landfill, the trucks that take it there must be suitable for driving on the landfill. First, the general goals and requirements are set, and then the different components can be selected or designed, taking into consideration how one stage is influenced by the preceding stage and will influence the following phases.

The waste collection process includes filling containers to loading the collection transportation. Because of the diversity of commercial, residential, and industrial development, collecting waste with only one system is impracticable. A variety of collection systems are used for those respective municipal requirements to be used accordingly. Each collection technique has compatible container systems and vehicles with dedicated loaders.

Excellent Waste Collection Techniques

Simple Emptying Technique

The Simple Emptying Technique is used for the removal of household and small-scale commercial waste with mobile containers which are drained at the consumer. There are a lot of different regulated containers. These containers are emptied by combination vehicles with top-loaders that can pick up many different sizes of containers. Some container systems have been modernized to include their own compactors. With this system, it is possible to charge 2-3 times to container fullness volume.

Exchange Technique

At this technique, full containers are exchanged with empty containers in their neighborhood. This system is suitable for high-density waste, for instance, construction & demolition waste and sludge, as well as for low-density waste from institutions or big resorts and hotels. 

One-Way Technique

For this, waste is picked up in clear plastic or paper bags whose volume is limited to a specified maximum amount. The bags are picked up manually by workers, so there are no emptied containers to be returned to the curb.

Non-systematic Collection 

The non-systematic collection method is used for collecting bulky waste or extra-large scraps, for example, bulky goods. 

These are the waste collection methods that are generally accepted as correct and used in many regions. However, with the help of technology, these methods can be developed and become much more efficient and systematic. In this way, it is possible to do more work with less effort with less damage to the environment. Well, how can basic waste management systems manage waste? How can we increase the efficiency of waste collection? Let’s take a look at these innovations.

Smart Solid Waste Management

A smart solid waste management system is the answer to this question. It is a known fact that nowadays, using the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is one of the essential roles for cleaner and safer cities. Connecting the devices to the city and trucks, providing the infrastructure throughout a city is the key to improvement in solid waste management. System integrators, network operators, and technology providers should work together with governments and municipalities for cities. With hardware and software, it can be. It is nothing but the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) along with IoT. Owing to the combination of ICT and IoT, the management of a city’s assets becomes easier.

Hardware: Sensors

Sensors are one of the models of smart solutions for solid waste management. They are used to measure fullness levels of the containers and notify the smart waste collection company when bins are ready to be emptied or the level that is already set by the company. As the sensors are used, the recorded data is transmitted to the companies and the intelligence behind its systems create route optimization, collection schedule, the time-to-fill ratio of the waste bins, and forecasting service.

Thus considerably reducing operational costs and saving time. The sensors that are connected to the bins help the employees for controlling the bins are full or not without checking the bin status physically. The extra cost and time for checking the status of bins that are appeared with the manual process are dissolved. With the sensors and supportive software, reducing the operational expenses resulted in operational inefficiencies. 

Besides cutting costs and enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction can be the other benefit of it. Most of the government and municipality charge the fees for citizens or they reflect these fees in the tax. The decrease in operating costs helps the circular economy and the household economy. Besides the positive contribution to the budget of city residents, it helps to increase customer satisfaction since the decrease in bins’ missed pickups. On the contrary traditional waste collection, smart one eliminates the overflowing of waste containers. So, owing to the software, managers are informed when the bins about the full and have a chance to arrange a collection time.


IoT powdered solid waste management system especially the software system beneficial for the management of the operations. Most of the software applications permit the management of operations such that assets, finance, employee, operation, etc. These kinds of solutions reduce the problems that have arisen from a lack of communication and data records by creating a working network that connects all the steps. 

As Evreka, the ideology of Always Better is internalized and Evreka smart waste management solutions based on that. Asset, finance, operation, citizen, and many other software modules and sensors are for enhancing efficiency and going further. Solutions to reach a more efficient management system are not inaccessible with the right tools and methodology.

Ready to use Evreka solutions to change the way you manage waste and reach a better management system?


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