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Waste collection is the first step of the waste management process. And the collection depends on the country, legislation, waste type, collectors, and so on. But one thing that is common in all collection schemes is that there could be missed bins.

In some countries, there are containers on the sidewalk, next to the homes. And they are collected on request or at a scheduled time. But some households might accumulate waste more, thus they might need more collection service than their neighbors. Besides, waste collection could be missed without any notice beforehand. For these occasions, Engagement could be used.

Engagement module lets residents participate in the waste collection process by letting them know when their collection schedules are or if their waste is collected. With this software, citizens can find the locations of specific recycling bins, they can request service for missed collections, and get notified after their issues are solved. Overall, it eliminates the difficult communication between service providers and the citizens.

missed bin collection

With the increasing number of businesses, providing service for each one of them is getting more difficult each day. Commercial waste requires special attention due to the effect it has on customers. If wastes are not collected on time, businesses and their consumers will be both unsatisfied with the service they received. To manage this issue, again, Engagement module could be used. With this waste management software, requested collections can be followed quickly. Collector company can manage requests and collection times, manage contract details and SLA’s. With Customer Management, there won’t be any missed collection anymore.

For the municipal wastes, Asset Management Module can be used to track the assets and their collections. Collection times can be known with the help of high-tech sensors. Fill Level Sensor shows the temperature, location, and fullness level of the container. You can track if the waste was collected by checking the fullness level.

Also with the help of the hardware solutions that Evreka offers, you can gain faster knowledge of the collections and assign new routes and tasks to the missed bins. Vehicle RFID Reader sends notifications when the RFID tags align with the containers. You can also track your fleet and control task fulfillments. Another hardware solution that can help with the missed collections is Vehicle Tracker. With this solution, you can monitor the fleet and its route. Hence, managing task fulfilments is much easier with these smart solutions.

missed bins

Besides tracking the assets, you can also track your fleet and control task fulfillment with Fleet Management. Integration with the FieldWork will let you know if there are any problems occurring when collecting the wastes. If there are any issues, drivers will take before/after photos of the problem and send them to the managers through the FieldWork. After the notification falls on the platform, managers can assign new tasks to the new drivers or inform the customer about the missed collection.

With Evreka’s household waste collection software, waste collection is much easier. Bin collection software prevents companies to miss collections and lets them excel at their jobs. Check out our solutions for every phase of your waste management and make your collections more efficient with bin pickup softwares.

No more missed bins with Evreka solutions. Sign up for our DEMO and start using high-tech smart solutions that will make your business more efficient.


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