We are excited to announce our new partnership with Reinis in the Netherlands!

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Through this partnership, Reinis and Evreka will work together to create more value and efficiency for both citizens and other stakeholders contributing to closing the loop for a sustainable future.

“Since the first contact was made, discussions with Evreka have been professional and pleasant. We both share the same desire to achieve circularity in the supply chain and create new sources from waste for a better environment. Change, of course, comes from within. From Reinis we started looking for a partner who could not only support us now, but also in the future and guide us in realizing our main objectives; simple processing of usable data so that we can offer more transparency to our residents and shareholders. Efficient communication with our drivers, an up-to-date, fully functioning SaaS application. In the coming period we will jointly develop new functionalities. This has given new meaning to the word partnership.” , says Albert Bijzitter, the ICT Project Leader of Reinis N.V.

Evreka’s Sales Director Paul van Ruler states “We believe this partnership will pave the way for achieving joint collaboration on a global scale, working hand in hand with all stakeholders to tackle the biggest obstacles in resource & waste management, recycling and material circularity. The only way we can make a global impact to create a more sustainable world for future generations is by combining our know-how and working together for a greater cause, whereby we can prevent the irreversible effects of climate change and global warming. Supporting Reinis’s ideas with this vision is a big step forward to a great success story in the Netherlands.”

Find out more on the advantages Evreka’s solutions offer!

Have centralization under one roof by integrating disparate data streams for total digital control, communicate seamlessly with all-accessible channels among all stakeholders, have a chance for driving business towards the sustainable development goals.
Please contact our Sales Director Paul van Ruler for more information:
E-mail: paul@evreka.co
Mobile: + 31 6 50573769


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