Fortune Turkey 40 under 40

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Fortune Turkey 40 under 40 is awarded to the most successful young and forward-thinking leaders, who create social and economic values while producing effective projects in their fields. These are extraordinarily influential leaders and have an outsized amount of potential for future creations and achievements. The award is also given to highlight the leaders who took a stand for the world’s problems and the people themselves in the midst of a global pandemic.

Our influence is officially here!

Proudlyi our Co-founder and CEO, Umutcan Duman, received the Fortune Turkey 40 under 40 awards at the beginning of 2021. As a pioneering SaaS company in the waste management industry, Evreka embraces many important values while creating high technology solutions to be Always Better. We will always continue to innovate with love!

2020 hit every industry and the world with challenges. But as Evreka, we see challenges as opportunities for great innovations. Challenging times require agility, strong devotion, and the ability to seize difficulty as an opportunity. It has been a year that tests all strength, but as always, great teams and products arise with great leaders. We are proud to share the effort that awards.

As I always say, these awards give us extra motivation and energy on our journey that we set off with big dreams.

Umutcan Duman 
Co-Founder and CEO

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