The World Environment Day 2021 : Generation Restoration

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The World Environment Day 2021

Protection has always been a topic of discussion around the world. Climate change, droughts, and deforestation are all global challenges that require immediate response. We have a lot of issues right now that we need to address. There are still far too many people who believe that we have enough environment to last us a long time; in fact, not. Therefore, World Environment Day is here for humankind to make them remember they are not alone on this planet every year on June 5th.

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ primary vehicle for raising environmental awareness and urging people to take action. Its main aim is to bring concerns to light and to raise awareness towards the environment. The environment is struggling with damages that humankind has created since the beginning. These damages are continuously rising due to the developments on technological advancements. Therefore, today, it is certain that World Environment Day is the most well-known day for encouraging people to conserve and protect the environment.

This planet will continue to exist, but without humanity. 

While there is a food chain and a ranking of species, we must recognize that every living thing is connected to another living thing, forming a network of various life forms on the planet. Disappearance of those species would eventually bring the end of both this planet and humankind, specifically, maybe we, maybe our child, or maybe our grandchild. However, it will happen eventually until we do not act. Biodiversity is critical for the survival of all living things, on land, in the sea, and in the air. For instance, according to environmentalists and scientists, man would only have four years of life left if the bee disappeared off the face of the earth.

The World Environment Day, This planet will continue to exist, but without humanity.

Let’s celebrate biodiversity!

Under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme, about 150 countries take part each year to tackle the interlinked climate, biodiversity, and land degradation crisis. This year, the World Environment Day baton is passed to Pakistan, which will host the event in 2021. Additionally, this year’s topic is Ecosystem Restoration, with a special emphasis on cultivating a positive relationship with nature.

We all should respect biodiversity and nature itself. Biodiversity plays an important role in offering ecological services that make life livable on Earth. There are numerous strategies to repair the environment. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help the environment. The ways in which urban and rural landscapes adapt and recover ecosystems differ. Raising awareness among the younger generation by explaining the importance of every single species regardless of their size is a great starting point for raising the much more responsible future adults.

Let's celebrate biodiversity The World Environment Day

How does the Evreka Platform celebrate biodiversity?

In the year 2020, Evreka prevented 14M (kg) CO2 emission from spreading to nature while giving 650 thousand trees life. In addition to producing excellent smart waste management solutions to reduce the damages that humankind has always been giving to nature, by accepting that trees are our lungs, this year,  Evreka focuses on the most basic on World Environment Day. This year, we support the Yuvam Dünya environmentalist association to celebrate the given all together. Let’s appreciate what we have and raise hope for the future. 


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