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Evreka-ISWA membership

ISWA is a leading non-profit organization that promotes and develops professional waste management worldwide. They work to protect human health and the environment as well as to ensure sustainable resource management and provide scientific, economic, and social instruments. They also ensure an international network to share knowledge and expertise in sustainable waste management and climate change reduction. Their beliefs include that all people on earth should have the right to enjoy an environment with clean air, water, seas, and soils.

Since an Earth where no waste exists is our common vision, this membership enables us to look to the future with hope. Waste should be reused and reduced to a minimum, then collected, recycled, and treated properly. The residual matter should be disposed of in a safely engineered way, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. All people on earth should have the right to enjoy an environment with clean air, water, seas, and soils. To be able to achieve this, we need to work together.

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Currently, as Evreka, we offer our customers technology and development activities in many countries from Canada to Australia, from Norway to South Africa. We move forward every day in line to expand into foreign countries and to create a sustainable and livable future. Reaching new markets at home and abroad and growing in the market are currently among our goals. Besides, we will start to apply our product capabilities to different sectors that are needed, such as route optimization and task management, while our focus on growth abroad continues.

One of the things we value and work hard for is making waste management services accessible to communities that don’t have access to proper waste management. It is one of our important responsibilities that developing countries, as well as developed countries, can easily access waste management. The more we make it accessible, the more we contribute to the earth. That’s what we value. Evreka touches the lives of millions of people in more than 40 countries. As a technology company, we have made a visible contribution to nature thanks to our work and digitalization, we continue to work by increasing this contribution day by day. With transparent communication with users, showing great flexibility throughout each phase of the projects, and its endless support; Evreka solutions seen as one of the most trustable solutions in the waste management industry.

We support digitalization in the waste sector by moving forward in line with our common goals with ISWA. And in this regard, we are progressing every day with new digital solutions and applications developed using high technology. All for a better tomorrow and more livable earth for every individual!


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