All-In-One Solutions For E-Waste Management

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Day by day, the usage of technology is increasing in our lives. We are realizing that how much we need technology to enhance and ease our lives and increase the efficiency of our operations. That is why we are increasing our technology adoption. However, this increase in technology adoption also results in a very big problem that we have to deal with very carefully which is e-waste. According to ISWA in 2019, 53.6 million tons of e-waste was produced.

What Is E-Waste?

Electronic waste is a waste that is resulting from our broken, useless or obsolete technological devices. Especially our smartphones, tablets, laptops or TVs do not have a very long useful life and become obsolete quickly. The problem is these devices have toxic or hazardous chemical parts such as mercury, cadmium and beryllium, polluting PVC plastic that can be harmful for the environment, therefore we need to be very careful about the waste management processes. 


E-Waste Recycling

Electronic recycling might be a very good option here in order to prevent the environment from bad effects since otherwise these obsolete devices would end up in landfills which is dangerous for the environment. Moreover, e-waste recycling is also helping us to save a lot of valuable materials such as gold, silver, titanium etc. However, we can say that the e-waste recycling percentage is not very high. Most of them are sent to landfills which is a huge threat for our health. 

The reason behind this low percentage is that the technological devices are made up from a lot of different materials and in order to do the recycling process, these different materials have to be separated. Furthermore, hazardous waste might occur during these processes which might be dangerous also for the workers. Therefore, processes are needed to be handled with careful considerations. This requires a lot of effort and time since it has a lot of processes to be done and tracking the data is very important here. So actually, in order to recycle our electronic wastes again, we need the help of the technology.


The Importance of High Technology and All-In-One Platforms

So, what needs to be done here to ease these waste management processes? How can we increase the e-waste recycling rate? The solution here is that we need to control these long and complex e-waste recycling processes in one digitized platform. After the collection and transportation, these e-wastes will be separated into their materials. These materials afterwards will be collected to be used in the production of new technological devices. 

All the processes starting from the collection until recycling should be monitored, controlled and also reported well. When the amount of the data is very high, the tracking of the data is becoming harder and some information might go unnoticed. However, the prevention of this is crucial for the safety of the environment. The amount of waste and their parts are needed to be tracked and also hazardous wastes should be prevented and reported. Thereby, we should use highly innovative technology based on environmentally friendly solutions. This would help us to reduce time, errors and cost and increase efficiency and effectiveness. 


We are considering all of these important problems regarding e-waste recycling and we are realizing the needs of this area. For this reason, we are providing solutions based on advanced technology. We can understand the importance of all-in-one platforms in e-waste management since the process requires the tracking of massive amounts of data without making errors to sustain environmental safety.

We are caring for our environment and also for your operations to be more efficient and safer. By using these solutions from collection until recycling you can gather detailed information and track, monitor, control and report the processes easily. This will help you to save time and cost and also it will increase your efficiency. If you want to ease your operations by using advanced all-in-one solutions contact with us!


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