Evreka is now in the Netherlands!

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In the past three years, we have been laying the foundations for  a deeper understanding to guide us in the Dutch market, by conducting in-depth analysis of waste management requirements in the Netherlands. As a result, we are excited to announce that last week we finally opened our office located in the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, to provide hands-on customer-centric services to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry; including lack of transparency & traceability, compatibility to EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) rules, seamless asset management through chain of custody, and flexibility to meet the specific needs of our customers in the region.

Our efforts in digitizing waste management have found its purpose toward a greater cause, whereby our ultimate objective is to decrease carbon emissions in the world and make it easier to create new sources from waste. Drastic chain reactions triggered by climate change have made us more passionate about devoting our efforts to preventing the irreversible effects of global warming, achieving net-zero emission targets, and helping organizations ensure we stay below the 1.5ºC limit. 

We continue to expand our global presence in our mission to achieve sustainability for a better future. Our goal is to solve the world’s waste problem by reshaping the global waste management and recycling industry with our eco-friendly approach. To this effect, given our comprehensive easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of customers at each stage of the waste management process, we aspire to continuously improve our solutions born on cloud with an eye to new sectoral developments and broaden the variety of our product range to ensure optimization in all phases via our all-inclusive platform. 

Being aware of the adverse effects the climate crisis has on the Netherlands, we undertake an extremely critical social responsibility with regards to proper waste management. Here, we deem important to inform you that we provide end-to-end, integratable and cutting-edge waste management solutions that can be customized based on the special conditions of our customers along with regulatory updates imposed by the government. 

With our vision aiming to provide Sustainability as a Service and ensuring inclusive sustainable solutions, we look forward to tackling all aspects of the waste problem by combining the know-how of our partners in both the public and private sector across different industries in the Netherlands. Through a joint collaboration working hand in hand with all stakeholders including waste generators, processors, recyclers, brand owners and regulators, we believe it will be possible to advance the frontiers of sustainability and achieve far-reaching transformations to create a better world for future generations and the ecosystem.

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