Skip Hire for Your Messy Wastes

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Skip Hire for Your Messy Wastes

Most of the time, people throw away their garbage in trash cans, but this may not always be possible. Sometimes, the waste they produce is too large in size and/or quantity to fit in a small trash can. In these scenarios, the right way to dispose of their waste is to find bigger-sized waste containers — enter, skip hire.

What is skip hire? 

Firstly, let’s talk about what “skip” means. A skip is a large open-topped waste container that is designed to load onto a special type of truck. And skip hire is the process that provides this service. 

When you skip hire, you will be hiring a skip of preferred size to your desired location. The truck that is carrying the skip will then leave the skip there, where you will load all of your waste onto it. After a predetermined amount of time, the truck will come back to pick up the skip, and just like that, you will have disposed of your waste.

What is skip hire?

Why choose skip hire?

There are many reasons why people choose skip hire. These reasons might be situational or environmental, but usually people choose this service because they are producing messy and heavy waste over a period of days. Some of these wastes include:

  • Large municipal wastes: These are the sorts of wastes that are created when someone is doing a deep cleaning of their house, or maybe they are renovating, refurbishing, or disposing of the unused belongings in their home in bulks. Companies do these too, whether they are redesigning their offices, moving out, or closing down. This also goes for gardening and landscaping activities as well.
  • Construction & demolition wastes: Construction and demolition processes produce lots and lots of debris, wood, glass, leftover metals and plastic, salvaged building components, and many more kinds of wastes. It is only logical that one would want to utilize skip hire in these situations.
  • Environmental reasons: Because skip hire companies pay great attention to recycling, people may prefer them to public public waste disposal facilities that dump garbage into landfills.

What can and can’t I put in a skip?

You can load almost anything material onto a skip. However, there are some exceptions to this. It is NOT PERMITTED to put the following items in a skip:

  • Hazardous & toxic materials (such as asbestos and batteries)
  • Medical waste (i.e. syringes and items that have been in contact with bodily fluids)
  • Electrical appliances & equipment (including fridges, freezers, air conditioners, TVs, and computer screens)
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Gas canisters and gas bottles
  • Liquids (including oil, petrol and diesel)
  • Plasterboards
  • Tyres
What can and can’t I put in a skip?

How Evreka can help your skip hire company

At Evreka, our customers are our main priority. It is because of this that we always strive to create the best products and services. With our skip hire software, you can manage your tasks and customers’ wastes effortlessly and efficiently. 

Our software — combined with our cutting-edge hardware — allows you to:

  • Access real-time location of your fleet and assets based on geofence (which allows you to keep track of all the tasks involved in the process and will help you with the potential theft of your assets)
  • Receive data on the fullness level of your assets
  • Improve your asset lifecycle
  • Maximize your efficiency by furthering your profits
  • Upgrade your customer-focused practices

Check out our skip hire collection software here and request your demo now to watch your profits skyrocket!


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