Webinar: Materials Recovery Facility digitalization with Evreka

In this free webinar, we we’ll talk about how you can use Materials Recovery Facility solution while managing MRFs! Register now to learn how you can digitize your waste management process with Evreka!

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  • What is MRF management?

    Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is where recyclable wastes are separated, packed, and shipped to material buyers. With our solution, you will be able to track and monitor your operations and manage them effortlessly!

    Watch this webinar and find out all the benefits and advantages our solution provides for you to become one of the industry leaders only with minimal effort. Evreka solutions help you digitize all your operations and become more efficient & productive in the recycling and waste management industry. MRF management has never been easier!

  • Things you’ll learn

    * What is Evreka MRF solution?

    * Efficient MRF Management

    * What pain points do we solve and what are the benefits of our solution?

    * How you can integrate MRF solution into your business?

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