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The tracking device enables container location information by using the internal GSM and GPS antenna. You can receive real-time data by its long-lasting battery, or you can be informed about asset status periodically using power save mode when there is movement. It is now possible to facilitate task management on the go for bulky waste collection processes. 

GPS location for each container is automatically transferred to the Evreka servers, and users can check all the gathered live data anytime through the all-in-one Evreka Platform from any internet-connected device from anywhere. Alerts can be set via the all-in-one Evreka Platform to inform the user of unexpected cases such as not completed tasks and location changes by SMS/e-mail.

EvrekaLocate offers Remote control of mobile phones (OTA), power saving mode, geofencing, low power alarm, motion detection, scheduled timing report, the waterproof and durable tracking device, up to 5 years of battery life, rapid and easy installation with a and magnetic holder kit on containers.

Together with location tracking of waste containers, Evreka Platform offers contract management, invoicing based on asset usage, collection order management, inventory utilization analysis, and other operational analysis reports to Haulers to manage daily operations easily.

Evreka is more than happy to guide you through the path of Smart Waste Management with experts in the field. We are one click away.

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