Public Awareness Report

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In this industry report, we provide you with Evreka's primary research that reveals the level of public awareness associated with waste management and recycling.

Evreka Industry Reports enables waste management companies and municipalities to have a better understanding of sectoral dynamics, requirements, and demands. With invaluable insights, you can take firm steps and grow your business efficient process!

Public Awareness Report

What's in this offer?

  • Awareness Level of The Public Regarding The Basic Waste Management
  • Individual Practices to Manage Household Waste
  • Public Perspective on Recycling
  • Public Satisfaction Criteria for Waste Collection
  • Public Desire to Cooperate for A Better Waste Management Process

Want to know public opinion about waste management?

Evreka conducted robust public opinion research associated with waste management and recycling. With a comprehensive sample selected, Evreka not only reveals the common best practices but also emphasizes the areas open for improvement. Do you know how many people think the number of recycling bins located in their street is just not enough? How about the public perception of pollution? The majority think waste is the main source of pollution around their neighborhood!

Read Evreka's industrial report to explore citizen awareness of waste management operations.