Pioneering Sustainability in Textile with the Higg Index

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Sustainability is key in the evolving #textile industry. With only 1% of textile waste currently recycled, it's clear that change is necessary. The upcoming CSRD will significantly impact fashion, highlighting the need for companies to adapt quickly. As the 2024 deadline for CSRD approaches, the Higg Index becomes crucial for developing effective sustainability strategies and ensuring consistent data across the supply chain. Download our comprehensive guide to discover the full potential of the Higg Index and how WasteDashboard can elevate your environmental performance.

Pioneering Sustainability in Textile with the Higg Index

What's in this offer?

  • In-depth understanding of the Higg Index
  • Significance of Higg FEM in your sustainability reporting
  • Critical role of waste management for Higg FEM scores
  • Strategies on leveraging WasteDashboard and Higg FEM data

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