Achieve profitability with garbage billing software

Increase efficiency and profitability with high-tech solutions. Ensure citizen and customer satisfaction while using Evreka solutions for garbage billing!

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  • Help environment with high-tech solutions

    Garbage billing encourages citizens to throw trash as minimum as possible and reuse materials more. This practice helps the environment and global warming in the long run. Evreka offers Citizen Management solution for businesses to help them achieve seamless communication with citizens. They can manage the requests of citizens, and notify them when the requests are completed. Also, CitizenApp helps citizens make requests within a few clicks, get notifications faster, and find recycling bins on the map for specific materials.

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  • Manage your assets

    With our intelligent solutions, you can manage your assets more efficiently and achieve full control of your operations. With the help of EvrekaSense, you can track the temperature, fullness level, and location of your containers. Fulness control will enable you to visit containers only when they are full, resulting in less time spent on inefficient tasks that can be used for more important assignments and thus decreasing fuel consumption.

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  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Evreka Customer Management helps you ease the communication between customers, improve the customer-related tasks in garbage billing operations such as contract details, SLAs, and maintenance requirements. Price management and real-time reporting increase customer satisfaction.

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