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  • Make significant progress in MRFs

    The state-of-the-art MRF solution designed by Evreka provides advanced management capabilities. Now, you can plan your demands, stocks, and prices with the materials recovery facility management module. With this solution, you can manage and analyze data collected from facilities. You can also have full control over assets and claims with MRF solutions.

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  • Grow your business with the power of technology

    Enjoy automated and optimized facility management with Evreka MRF solution! Easily manage pricing operations with a powerful pricing interface, gain full control over the status of assets, and maximize materials facility management efficiency as part of the intelligent waste management process!

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Evreka helps us to digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly oversee our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

Thomas Mattscherodt | Head of Project Management Office
  • Who we are

    Operating in more than 40 countries, Evreka offers businesses and municipalities a new way of doing business in the waste management and recycling industry. We aim to optimize every operation by using the power of technology for perfect facility management. Our advanced software solutions help improve your materials recovery facility process. It’s your turn to use high technology to explore opportunities and take your place among industry leaders!

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