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  • Monitor the state of your assets

    With the help of Evreka Sense, track the fullness, location, temperature, and movement of your assets. Prevent missed collections by assigning routes only to the full containers, and save time & money by route optimization. With Evreka RFID, you can check task completions and avoid missing bins. Also, with Citizen App, citizens can report missed garbage collections.

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  • Track your fleet for route optimization

    With Fleet Management you can gain comprehensive control over your fleet by monitoring your employees and vehicles. To prevent missed collections, you can check task fulfillment with before/after photos, assign new routes and track the real-time location of your vehicles, and manage issues easily from an all-in-one platform.

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We decided to collaborate with Evreka in order to prevent waste collection and environmental pollution problems in our region. We started experimenting with harmony and confidence in moving with the same mission. As a result of the experiments we also got very good yields. Although these studies provide cost savings, our primary goal is to clean and recover the environment. BIOSUN Pamukova need many solution partners to achieve this. Evreka is one of them.

Solid Waste Management Company
  • Who we are

    Evreka currently operates in 40 countries where they help to prevent missed recycling collection and missed bins for municipalities and recycling companies. With missed garbage collection software and missed trash pickup solutions, you will never miss waste collection and trash day! Customers can report missed garbage collection from mobile applications and you can efficiently plan your routes and assign tasks with our intelligent solutions!

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