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What is bio-waste?

Biowaste is any solid or liquid organic, biodegradable waste, which includes sewage sludge, organic industrial waste; agricultural waste; kitchen/food waste; green waste, sewage effluent, and greywater.

Why is biowaste important?

Carbon-rich biowaste contains high concentrations of valuable nutrients that, if properly treated and/or processed, can provide valuable physical, biological and chemical soil attributes. Utilizing biowaste could reduce the need for inorganic fertilizers like superphosphate, which has been associated with elevated trace element levels in soil.

What are the challenges of biowaste?

Even though biowaste is a source of organic matter and plant nutrients, it can also contain organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as pathogenic organisms, which pose risks to public and environmental health. There are numerous treatment options to reduce or eliminate such contaminants, or if still present in small amounts, biowaste can still be used if properly managed.

How can Evreka help?

From collection to recycling, Evreka digitizes all waste management operations. With the help of the latest technologies, you can now manage your biowaste operations from a single platform and automate manual operations for higher efficiency.

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