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Insights and opportunities for plastic recycling

Plastic recycling is one of the most powerful methods to protect the health of living things and natural habitats by preventing ecological threats to the Earth. Believe it or not, almost all products contain some type of plastic, unfortunately, half of which is single-use. According to Plastics Europe statistics, although the annual plastic production worldwide is 359 million tons, the plastic waste amount is 300 million tons. Hence, it would not be wrong to say these tons of waste are as much as the weight of all humans!

Also, plastic waste statistics show that about 79% of used plastic goes to landfills or, worse, directly to the natural environment. Consequently, 5 trillion of garbage accumulated in the oceans up to now, and reaches other animals and plants to finally our food and drinking water for making us sick! The energy and resources used for plastic production, which eventually turns into a health-threatening garbage patch, are irreversibly lost. 

Obviously, the production, consumption, and disposal of plastic cannot go like this. We must inevitably change the understanding of plastic consumption and make our biggest chance, plastic recycling, efficient. Eventually, the United Nations began to prepare an internationally binding agreement that strictly controls plastics production, consumption, and disposal for 2024. 

This new deal, which considers plastic in circular thought rather than single-use, is a turning point for the plastic recycling industry. The plastic recycling market will grow enormously in this context, especially after 2024. Applications that encourage reuse in micro and macro scales, such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and deposit-refund schemes, have given a new direction to plastic recycling. How would you like to be a big player in this exciting global plastic recycling market and take essential steps for sustainable development, which is the future of humanity?