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Insights and opportunities for plastic recycling

Plastic recycling is one of the most powerful methods to protect the health of living things and natural habitats by preventing ecological threats to the Earth. Believe it or not, almost all products contain some type of plastic, unfortunately, half of which is single-use. According to Plastics Europe statistics, although the annual plastic production worldwide is 359 million tons, the plastic waste amount is 300 million tons. Hence, it would not be wrong to say these tons of waste are as much as the weight of all humans!

Also, plastic waste statistics show that about 79% of used plastic goes to landfills or, worse, directly to the natural environment. Consequently, 5 trillion of garbage accumulated in the oceans up to now, and reaches other animals and plants to finally our food and drinking water for making us sick! The energy and resources used for plastic production, which eventually turns into a health-threatening garbage patch, are irreversibly lost. 

Obviously, the production, consumption, and disposal of plastic cannot go like this. We must inevitably change the understanding of plastic consumption and make our biggest chance, plastic recycling, efficient. Eventually, the United Nations began to prepare an internationally binding agreement that strictly controls plastics production, consumption, and disposal for 2024. 

This new deal, which considers plastic in circular thought rather than single-use, is a turning point for the plastic recycling industry. The plastic recycling market will grow enormously in this context, especially after 2024. Applications that encourage reuse in micro and macro scales, such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and deposit-refund schemes, have given a new direction to plastic recycling. How would you like to be a big player in this exciting global plastic recycling market and take essential steps for sustainable development, which is the future of humanity?

  • How can you recycle plastic with Evreka in the most efficient way?

    Since we cannot remove plastic from our lives, we need to recycle these tons of waste in the production lines efficiently and away from recycling contamination. To achieve this, plastic recyclers require unique waste solutions, namely, specially designed and integrated plastic recycling software and hardware with powerful algorithms to optimize your recycling operations, instead of the methods tried so far. With Evreka’s plastic recycling solutions, you can open a new page for the industrial waste management and recycling industry!

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  • Digitalize and integrate your disparate systems

    Industrial plastic recycling operations include many complex processes and lots of minor details that must be monitoring every minute:

    • Collection

    • Transportation and logistics

    • Inventory management

    • Segregation and sorting 

    • Operations in recycling plants

    • Its return to the production line as raw material and more

    With its data-driven and end-to-end waste management solutions, Evreka eliminates the trackability problem with disparate systems integrations to meet your most significant need: Flawless and automated process flow. Thanks to the solutions we provide, the waste, recycling, and new resources management process will become easier than ever before for plastic waste recycling companies.

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  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) to ensure quality and boost sales

    The market for recycled materials needs resources that comply with legal measures and meet rigid quality standards as end-material. So, in addition to conceding to all obligations at the recycling, you have to meet the stakeholders in the plastic recycling market and reveal the highest-value and most needed material so that your sales will expand.

    Evreka’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will deliver efficient control and integration at every stage,

    • Tracking containers with Asset Management 

    • The transportation management system, inbound and outbound logistics with Fleet Management

    • Fair pricing and invoices with high transparency

    Finally, you can form what the entire market needs: Operational excellence to obtain the highest value and quality material.

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  • Easily meet financial and legal obligations

    All transactions bring along financial processes, invoices, and legal obligations that must be carefully planned and controlled. So, new style recycling has to move away from traditional methods to sustainable waste management solutions suitable for dynamic optimization to survive in the global economy. Hence, compliance with the varying chain of custody and seamless payments are required. Evreka’s all-in-one solutions allow you to track and report delivery status, billing, claims, charges, and more. Thus, you can both reduce your costs and optimize your operations.

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  • Greener waste services

    Since the new style of plastic recycling prioritizes environmental and social benefits as well as profit, it should be in line with the green economy principles. Evreka eliminates the use of all paper in your plastic recycling enterprise, creates efficient fuel consumption during collection and transportation, and saves cost, energy, and time thanks to its route optimization software. 

    While optimizing your recycling operations to save energy and create secondary resources, you also lower your carbon emissions to reach zero-carbon targets and fight against the climate crisis. With our comprehensive solutions, more than 1 million recyclable wastes were managed in 2021. Our contribution to sustainable development did not end there, carbon emissions were reduced by more than 22 million kilograms thanks to the seamless and eco-friendly management process.

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  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and PROs

    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) holds responsible for manufacturers, producers, retailers, and importers treating and disposing their post-consumer products. With legal commitments and the complex recycling steps, Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) come into play to accomplish EPR processes for companies. 

    Evreka’s end-to-end EPR lets managers cover every detail with real-time supervision. But the most specific part is to unite all stakeholders, namely producers, PROs, and consumers, under the same information portal with mobile applications and software modules. Everyone can instantly view the process, stay in touch, and easily extract the required data. Thus, the different chains of custody and fair pricing are displayed transparently, while all market players are equally informed about the process.

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  • Benefits of Evreka’s plastic recycling software

    • Precise recording of incoming shipments by polymer type, color, and other qualities

    • Advanced inventory management

    • Maximum outbound control in recycling centers and MRFs

    • Real-time tracking of all field and recycling stages

    • Cost, time, and energy efficient transportation and collection with intelligent routing

    • Customizable enterprise resource planning flow by integrating disparate systems

    • Transparent EPR processes with fair pricing and detailed financial and legal reports

    • Seamless, helpful and fast communication between stakeholders

    • Reducing carbon emissions and unnecessary energy usage for recycling process

    • Overall, sustainable waste management solutions that transform plastic garbage into quality resources and open up an important space for you in the rapidly growing market

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