All in One Platform Waste Management

Evreka is a leading SaaS company that provides the one and only complete solution for smart waste collection and city cleaning operations in more than 20 countries. Evreka improves these operations by providing highly innovative and environmentally friendly solutions by adopting environmental initiatives to achieve sustainability and efficiency with their own in-house developed hardware & software family.

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Evreka All-In-One Platform Overview

All-In-One Platform is a management tool to enable performance tracking and evaluation; and implementation of the operational and tactical decisions into resource planning activities. It facilitates seamless integration between all activities and facilitates central management and control via a user-friendly interface.

Evreka Solutions for different industries

Watch the playlist regarding Evreka solutions for;

·      Bulky Waste Collection

·      Commercial Waste Collection

·      Industrial Waste Collection

·      Residential Waste Collection

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This is Ecem – Growth Manager of Evreka. We develop intelligent solutions for waste collection & city cleaning operations. As the sector leader, Evreka provides its end-to-end solutions to cross-border waste collection companies, local authorities, and municipalities in more than 20 different countries.

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Ecem Ay Growth Manager