The most comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

We are excited to meet with you in Smart Facilities Management Conference & Showcase 2021! Review our high-tech solutions and rocket the entire waste management process with digitized solutions

  • Who we are?

    We are a SaaS company that designs advanced technology and cloud-based ERP solutions to revolutionize the global waste management industry. We provide comprehensive solutions and high-tech products to international waste management companies, smart cities, and municipalities in more than 40 countries. Contact us at Smart Facilities Management Conference & Showcase 2021 and enjoy more sustainable, smarter, and greener waste management operations through digitized and customized solutions!

  • Asset Management

    With Evreka Asset Management you can easily manage your inventory and track your container’s fill level, temperature, movement, and location. You can gain comprehensive control over assets by monitoring current stock and forecasting possible stock-out situations.

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  • Fleet Management

    With Fleet Management you can gain comprehensive control over your fleet by tracking your employees and vehicles. You can also assign new routes and tasks, check task fulfillment, and manage issues on an all-in-one platform.

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  • Employee Management

    Explore how you can achieve seamless communication with employees and reduce total managerial time with Evreka Employee Management. Learn how to track all employee activities and check the task fulfillments effortlessly.

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  • Customer Management

    Discover our best-in-industry customer management system to improve your customer relations as well as order and price management. With the Evreka Customer Management module, you can monitor and manage SLAs and reports excellently.

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  • Operation Management

    Discover how to achieve complete control over waste management operations with high-tech solutions. Find out how to manage tasks, schedule, demand planning, and report with Evreka Operation Management for more productive and profitable operations.

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  • Citizen Management

    With Evreka Customer Management you can solve citizen requests and problems, notify them of the task fulfillment, manage SLA’s, prices, and orders. Find out how to generate reports based on real-time data and achieve operational excellence with smart solutions.

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  • Finance Management

    Learn how to digitize reporting process and manage orders, SLA’s, prices, and subcontracts more efficiently. You can achieve seamless communication between customers and authorities, and manage revenue and cash flows easily with Evreka Finance Management.

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  • MRF Management

    Explore how you can improve site productivity with Evreka MRF Management. With our smart solutions, you can achieve profitability by tracking and managing each phase of your operations and making data-driven decisions. Download one pager and explore excellent waste management solutions.

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  • Intelligence

    Explore how you can reduce operational costs and increase service level and efficiency with Evreka Intelligence. You can get objective-driven strategic suggestions and achieve data-driven business expansion thanks to high-tech software solutions.

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