All-in-one e-waste management

Digitize electronic waste management operations with advanced technologies. Improve your e-waste recycling process while making your customers content with the service.

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Convert e-waste into resources

Prevent the loss of scarce elements

Electronics contain many valuable and toxic components. Thus, the need for proper e-waste disposal to prevent the loss of scarce elements and the harmful effects of hazardous waste are enormous. We offer best-in-industry e-waste solutions for each step of the e-waste recycling process to mitigate all these problems, prevent the loss of scarce elements, and help you increase your efficiency along the way.

Evreka one-single-platform

Due to the complexion of technological products, the recycling process can be challenging. Hence, Evreka offers numerous solutions for every challenge the recycling company will possibly face. Every step could be digitized and managed from one platform for ultimate efficiency, from collection to disposal with the most comprehensive intelligent waste management solution.

Monitor your assets, employees, and tasks

Evreka offers the most comprehensive intelligent waste management solution where you can easily monitor your assets, maximize the performance of employees by tracking task fulfillment, optimize productivity in facilities, and overall manage your operation better with high-tech solutions.

Increase customer satisfaction

Achieve seamless communication between your customers and meet their requirements easily with our smart waste management solutions. Manage customer requests instantly and notify if any issue occurs. Have full control of your customer operations by managing contracts, prices, and billing digitally. How about looking at the details of our e-waste management system?

Check out how Evreka optimizes all phases of e-waste with its all-inclusive platform

Watch our new video to discover how all-inclusive Evreka solutions can help you achieve proper e-waste recycling & management operations for a sustainable future!

  • Revolutionize e-waste management with smart solutions

    Due to rapid advancements in technology, the number of electronic waste is increasing non-stop. Currently, e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world which shows us how important recycling is to avoid any negative effects in the long run. Evreka offers one integrated solution that streamlines e-waste management across the organization, helps manage inventory, track waste containers, and control each process.

  • All e-waste operations are now managed with Evreka in Singapore!

    Singapore, one of the countries that work hard on e-waste regulations, entrusted the e-waste operations to Evreka. Together with our solution partner ALBA, we are responsible for collecting all electronic waste in the country. We have digitized the whole e-waste management process and now our customer is able to easily monitor each and every step, track collections and manage task fulfillments. 

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  • E-waste managing success with MRF Management

    Manage your material flow and e-waste process management, gain full control over assets and claims, and maximize facility management efficiency with Evreka MRF Management solution. Check out our MRF Management solution and explore how you can reshape your e-waste management operation from an all-in-one platform!

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  • Benefits

    • Control the whole e-waste management process from one single platform

    Digitize the whole process and eliminate the excessive usage of paper

    Comply with environmental regulations

    Prevent the loss of scarce elements

    Generate customizable reports instantly

    Manage your inventory and containers easily

    Manage prices, billing, and contracts digitally

    Optimize routes and track your fleet

    Control task fulfillment for maximizing the employees’ performances

    Get notifications if any incident occurs

    Seamless communication with your customers to meet their requirements

    Manage customer requests instantly and full control of the customer operations

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  • Free ebook on e-waste management & recycling

    Download our free ebook and learn the importance of proper e-waste management and ways of recycling electronic waste. Discover the stages from e-waste collection to disposal and the benefits of e-waste management. Find out what happens in the e-waste center and how you can reduce electronic waste in the long run.

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Evreka helps us digitize the entire e-waste collection and treatment process in Singapore. With their solutions, we are able to seamlessly manage our various collection channels and operations on a single platform. Thanks to Evreka’s high-tech sensors and tracking system, inefficiency and operational costs are minimized, thereby enhancing our capabilities. We have integrated these solutions into our operations with regards to the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and have already achieved a significant improvement in performance at each stage. By seizing all the technological advantages provided by Evreka, we aim to be at the forefront of building the smartest cities in the world.

Thomas Mattscherodt Head of Project Management Office

From e-waste collection to disposal, you can digitize the whole waste management process through a fully comprehensive platform. Contact us today to experience our latest technologies and ease the process with priceless opportunities for sustainable development!

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