Used textile collection with high-tech solutions

Increase your profitability and efficiency with textile collection software and hardware solutions!

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  • Manage textile waste with Evreka solutions

    Textile waste or used textile, whatever you name it, is a growing problem due to fast fashion. The most reasonable solution to this problem is the collection of used textiles for donation or recycling instead of being thrown away. But how, when, and how will all these textile products be collected? Evreka answers all these questions! The success of Evreka’s sustainable waste management solutions has been proven in more than 20 countries. EvrekaCrew is ready to support and  optimize your operations

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  • Best solution to track and allocate assets

    With the help of Evreka software and hardware solutions, you will be able to allocate your assets to the most efficient place. Monitor your assets’ status and get real-time reports. Also, placing fill level sensors into the clothing collection box allows you to track their fulness levels, temperature, and movements.

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  • Get instant notification on incidents

    Our customer, Turkish Red Crescent, is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Turkey. They faced many problems while collecting used textiles. They did not know which clothing collection boxes were collected and how they should do their route optimization. They fixed all these problems by getting push notifications. Now they can:

    • Know when the container is full

    • Monitor task completion status

    • Get notices if the container was moved or if there is any emergency

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  • Optimization for the collection schedule

    You don’t have to waste your recourses anymore! Our software and hardware solutions let you know when is the best time to collect used textiles and which routes to use for maximum efficiency. With Evreka Fleet Management Solution, you can assign new routes to drivers closest to the collection points and track task completion. You will save your recourses and operate more efficiently with our solutions!

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  • Benefits

    • Cost, time, and energy-efficient management techniques that can be specified for any issue

    • Minimizing environmental damage

    • Route optimization to reduce carbon emission and profitable operations

    • Invest in sustainable development and the circular economy with new style recycling opportunities

    • Eliminate trackability problems in every phase

    • Total control and chance to form precise strategies with guidance of real-time data

    • Digital planning and reporting features

    • Flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) schemes

    • Integrating disparate systems for agile optimization

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Evreka has proven the success of its high-tech solutions in textile waste management as well. For a growing business with efficient, all-in-one, end-to-end, and integrated textile waste software and hardware solutions to seamless process flow, contact us today!

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