Superior Skip Hire Business

Manage your skip hire business with advanced solutions

Explore Evreka’s smart solutions for skip hire business and achieve excellence in controlling duties and managing both customers and orders digitally!

  • Be a pioneer in the skip hire industry

    We provide the best solution for skip-hire businesses to manage works in a more effortless and efficient way. Together with Evreka’s skip bin hire solutions you can eliminate paperwork, integrate all parts of your company into a single system that will never lose data, reach the most effective cheap skip hire solutions, and much more!

  • Benefits of Evreka’s intelligent solutions

    •Access real-time location and service fulfillment information

    •Eliminate challenges regarding missed assets

    •Obtain accurate data based on the geofence

    •Improve asset lifecycle

    •Track all tasks included in the process

    •Maximize efficiency and enjoy profitability

    •Upgrade customer-related operations in solid waste management

  • Use exclusive solutions when managing skip hire business

    Managing a skip hire business is simple with cutting-edge solutions. Evreka provides software and hardware solutions and enables enterprises and municipalities to achieve golden standards of efficient resource management. With Evreka smart solutions, you can ensure customer satisfaction, superior asset & fleet management, and operational excellence.

45% cost reduction in waste collection

Evreka’s client in South America performs commercial waste collection services and achieved a 45% of cost reduction.


What we provide?

Evreka Platform provides the best solution for your skip-hire business together with satisfying all the requirements of the industry. As a business owner dealing with skip bins; since the dynamics are constantly changing, you have to deal with every single task in an old fashion way such as tonnes of paperwork. In the case of having a cheap skip hire, skip hire prices can be costly since many charges might be included in your skip hire business even in your own local skip hire management. Stop thinking how much to hire a skip since Evreka also enables you to have the most effective cheap skip bin hire. Evreka is here for you to revolutionize your work together with rubbish skip-hire solutions!