What is the Role of Citizens’ in Waste Management?

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Citizen Contribution in Waste Management

Waste management is a crucial industry for the wellness of societies and is managed properly when municipalities and waste management companies work in cooperation with citizens. The way of managing waste may affect the economic, social, and overall health functions of a society. In this sense, citizens should be involved in the process and contribute to waste management and recycling operations.

Meaning of Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste is generated by municipal, community, commercial, institutional, and recreational activities, including garbage, rubbish, ashes, street cleanings, medical waste, and all other non-industrial solid waste. Where does this type of waste come from? Municipal solid waste is generated by households, offices, hotels, shops, schools, and other institutions. The major components are food waste, paper, plastic, rags, metal, and glass. However, demolition and construction debris are often included in collected waste. There are small quantities of hazardous waste, such as electric light bulbs, batteries, automotive parts, and discarded medicines and chemicals.

To shorten the meaning of municipal solid waste is primarily waste produced by domestic households, although it also includes some commercial and industrial wastes that are similar in nature.


Current State

One household currently generates a diverse type of waste, and not all citizens take action towards proper classification and disposal. An increase in the volume of waste materials and the waste variety adds to the complexity of waste collection and disposal. Waste disposal in big cities is a problem with increasing results. Above the very high costs that their collection, transportation, and disposal may impose on the country, their social and environmental risks are severe.

 As stated before, waste management, due to the importance of environmental issues, has generally been taken into consideration by government and urban officials or waste management companies. Citizens are already one of the biggest parts that generate waste next to industrial consumption. They should take a role in somewhat of the disposal processes’ actions or at least now the proper disposal processes. 

As a practice, waste management should be a responsibility and a duty of each citizen. People have to raise consciousness on that. If citizens do not recycle effectively, not only will they pay a material price for buying new products made out of the same material, but planet health will be affected, as the pollution is affecting the environment. Currently, what citizens lack to realize is to see the future, the long run.

What can we do?

There are several ways to encourage citizens to take action. Contributions of individual citizens can be increased by raising public awareness. Social participation of households, individuals and exploitation and maintainers of the waste collection system and proper disposal of waste systems can be improved through public information programs. Another action that can be taken is increasing citizens’ willingness towards the 3R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle waste management. Even though raising awareness is a great point to start, it isn’t enough. Citizens need to see how they can contribute and how easy and effective their efforts would be.

Smart Waste Management

To enhance citizen participation in waste management, we have to present them with Smart Solutions to simplify the possible actions while benefiting both the waste handler and society. By providing citizen management, authorities can see the requests and complaints arriving from citizens on a single screen. Residents can find and monitor the location of waste containers and deliver orders, requests, and complaints. It would be beneficial to lure citizens away from false waste practices and properly apply the local authorities’ rules.

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