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Best Waste Management Software

In the concept of resource sustainability, responsible production & consumption make the foundations. These topics are very interrelated and there are various industries such as waste management to ensure it. Therefore waste management companies have a role of great importance & expectancy on them and they may need waste management software solutions to help them on the way.

As known, waste management operations were managed traditionally since the concept was first brought to life. In the last couple of decades, software started to become an indispensable part of our lives and business. We started doing all our tasks with a computer aid in many different ways because we saw that software brought the most beneficial solutions for us. When it comes to waste management software solutions the case is not much different.

In waste management, waste management software helps us to optimize our routes, manage our human resources better, track our operations and deliver a greater customer experience which leads to more profitable and sustainable businesses. Waste management companies are maybe in search of waste management software to meet the customer & public expectations. Here are some of the examples of how waste management companies can make use of waste management software solutions in their businesses.

Can your routes ever be efficient “enough”? 

Route Optimization is a great feature that comes with the best waste management software of all times, you can boost up your efficiency up to 3 times!

To start with a familiar case, in traditional methods waste management routes are planned on paper, the routes get planned from time to time, and even though the demand or consumption habits change you can never change your operations until the next planning. In route optimization, algorithms and IoT hardware work together to provide live data on route efficiency depending on the traffic, smart bin capacity & special data. Using these data provided, algorithms create the optimal route continuously as a part of waste management software solutions.

Are your employees & assets off the track?

Employee performance is the key indicator of a business since its the maintenance of the whole business system. Even if you run a business that is 100% on digital you may still need employees to maintain it. In a waste management business, truck drivers or waste collection workers are highly able to behave on their own since they are on the field and you have no option other than time to track if they are working consistently to meet the demand. 

When you use waste management software, you can easily track your employees’ current state using simple mobile apps & RFID systems to track your assets that are working through IoT. These waste management software & hardware solutions can provide live data from the bins about capacity, type of waste collected, and bin conditions. On the other hand for employees, you can always check where your field team is on the task & route or either your employees on a break or not. 

This can help you to create performance and efficiency reports throughout the dashboards to make your business better in the HR department as well, in terms of employee development & promotion.

Satisfying Customer Needs Through Waste Management Software

Finding the best waste management software for your business may not be easy but we got something for you.

Waste management companies may serve many different types of customers, it may be hard to specialize your business according to the needs and demands of all of them. By using waste management software solutions, you can track citizen satisfaction from your services via citizen apps. Deliver specialized waste collection service, on both on amount and type for industrial customers for especially hazardous & medical waste cases.

There are many other implications of waste management software solutions to make your business more adapted to the digitalization era and tackle bottlenecks cause by external factors of your business. 

Book a demo now to activate the real potential of your waste management operations, grow to further levels and meet any expectations that are set for your business with Evreka’s smart waste management software solutions!

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