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    Evreka’s intelligent solutions enable enterprises and municipalities to track and manage the entire waste management process digitally and effortlessly. It’s time to invest in cutting-edge solutions and revolutionize all of your operations with the power of technology! Identify the most profitable investment options for free and start growing your business by achieving operational excellence and maximum efficiency.

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The amount of return is not always considered when investing in software designed for operation management. Though the investment corresponds to digitizing all operations, businesses can derive much more benefits simultaneously. ROI Analysis provides a report which enables decision-makers to monitor potential returns of the investment planned. Thereby, both enterprises and municipalities can digitize their operations and have software that generates profit enough to cover its cost in less than a year.

Ahmet Cihat Toplutas Project & Strategy Manager at Evreka

Evreka’s team helped create a uniquely tailored solution that meets all of Averda operational needs. The team achieved this by showing great flexibility throughout each phase of the project, from idea conception, design, implementation, to production support; enabling us to meet critical milestones.

  • What we provide

    Evreka designs waste management solutions with advanced technology to revolutionize the entire waste management industry. We create cutting-edge technologies and products to digitize and improve the way of collection, treatment, and disposal of municipal waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, construction and demolition waste, commercial waste, green waste, and much more! In addition to cloud-based ERP solutions, we enhance the quality of skip hire businesses, provide enterprises and municipalities with integration to smart bins, and innovate to create value for smart cities.

  • Who we are

    With its mission to achieve sustainability for a better future, Evreka’s goal is to solve the world’s waste problem by reshaping the global waste management and recycling industry with its eco-friendly approach. To this effect, given its comprehensive easy-to-use solutions Evreka provides hands-on customer-centric services to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry; including lack of transparency & traceability, compatibility to EPR rules, seamless asset management through chain of custody, and flexibility to meet the specific needs of its customers all over the world. Evreka aspires to continuously improve its end-to-end integratable solutions born on cloud with an eye to new sectoral developments and broaden the variety of its product range to ensure optimization in all phases via its all-inclusive platform. Having broadened its global presence in over 20 countries, Evreka’s efforts in digitizing waste management have found its purpose toward a greater cause, whereby its ultimate objective is to decrease carbon emissions in the world and make it easier to create new sources from waste. Drastic chain reactions triggered by climate change have made Evreka more passionate about devoting its energy to preventing the irreversible effects of global warming, achieving net-zero emission targets, and helping organizations ensure the world remains below the 1.5ºC limit.