Optimize routes for fleet

In traditional waste collection and city cleaning operations, responsibility areas are visited casually. With optimized routes created based on past operational data and forecast, the shortest directions between different points are calculated to guarantee the maximum efficiency for the fleet.

Track and plan operations

Evreka Platform allows real-time tracking and dispatch management of haulers and street sweepers. Managers can access real-time location and service fulfillment information for operational excellence. Management is given the full control over the operations. They can revise the tasks and reassign them anytime. Instantaneously generated tasks can be planned and assigned with Evreka Supervisor App.

Monitor and manage all the notifications

Managers can view all the notifications and the feedbacks received from vehicles, assets, employees, citizens, or customers on a single dashboard. Moreover, with just one click, required actions can be taken to improve service quality.

Access operational data anytime

All the past operational data is stored on the cloud for efficiency analyses and future system improvements. The Platform allows the management to create and import operational reports instantly.