How Evreka Empowers Skilled Professionals at Work

Evreka empowers not only new graduates or junior Crew members, but also encourages senior Crew members to always get better with its mindset and working style.

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How Evreka Empowers Skilled Professionals at Work

“It is important to ensure a workplace where there is continuity of development that encourages employees with its development-oriented structure.” says Caner who is our Head of Growth and has many experiences with more than 6 different start-ups earlier. While this is also a part of start-up culture, at Evreka more is offered even if you are a senior candidate who already has many experiences in other places.

We have an environment where we make our values ​​a part of our working life and we do this not only in words but also in practice. As a part of our values, we attach importance to continuous development of each Crew that are working at Evreka. Even if you have already experiences earlier, there are always new challenges for you here. 

We support each Crew on their innovative ideas and especially if you are a senior Crew, you have the opportunity to experience new fields for your career development. 

“Evreka makes each individual feel important by motivating them to be an ‘always better’ version of themselves. There is constant respect and encouragement from everyone to anyone who wants to speak up for any potential dialog, work related or not. You can always feel that your ideas are taken into account.” says Bilal who is working at Evreka as Senior Software Engineer and has experiences earlier at different companies including corporate ones as well. 

We always ensure that you can communicate fearlessly with anyone inside the company, even founders or top managers as well so that you can share your innovative ideas and have the opportunity to work on developing your skills continuously. Relevant to this “With a structure that supports creativity, it gives opportunity to innovations that we dream of and want to try. Taking end-to-end responsibility for every innovation we put into practice with 100% responsibility that is given.” says Caner and adds “The vision of always getting better with open communication in a European style which covers a non-hierarchical management approach and feedforward mechanisms so that anyone can share their ideas with everyone” so at Evreka, you have an environment where you can communicate fearlessly and you always have the opportunity to express your ideas for your development in related fields. Evreka always assists you in this process and provides you with training opportunities that will improve your skills. 

 “Evreka allows expressing your opinion freely so you are always aware that you are not alone and there is someone ready to help you.” says Berk who is working as Back-end Developer. In other words, at Evreka there is an environment where you are always encouraged by your managers, teammates or the founders, to develop yourself in different areas you would like to. Additionally, you are also supported with training opportunities where you can always take in any area you would like to via Udemy, Coursera, etc. Our workplace culture also includes development of each Crew on gaining a business mindset like Caner explains below:

“Evreka offers the opportunity to gain a business mindset with an environment where you have different responsibilities and roles. Additionally, we are offered the option to be included in every meeting we want, and to gain different vision and skills that will be beneficial for us – even in the event where we would like to apply these skills to open our own company in the future.”

Evreka empowers not only new graduates or junior Crew, but also encourages senior Crew to always get better with its mindset and working style.

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