The most comprehensiveHazardous Waste Management

Ensure work safety and operational excellence

Meet all regulations and demands with Evreka’s smart software and hardware solutions. Lead all phases of hazardous waste management more efficiently.

Upgrade your operations today
  • Reach operational efficiency

    It’s time to save time and money while increasing operational efficiency! Every process from hazardous waste collection to hazardous waste disposal can be managed with Evreka’s smart solutions. Comply with local and federal regulations, meet government and environmental requirements with comprehensive software and hardware solutions.

  • Enjoy the most comprehensive waste management platform

    Manage your hazardous waste service with a single platform and customized solutions just for your business. Use reporting features to staying up-to-date with all the information in your work. Manage all phases of your business, employees, assets, finances, and much more with Evreka solutions.

20% cost reduction in the field

Evreka’s client who leads hazardous waste collection operations has achieved a 20% cost reduction in the field with Evreka’s route optimization.


Who We Are

Evreka enables businesses to manage all their waste management processes from hazardous waste removal to chemical waste disposal. We create advanced solutions to revolutionize entire industrial hazardous waste management. Hazardous solid waste management is more efficient and effective with Evreka’s intelligent solutions. Comply with all regulations while managing hazardous materials and waste management plan.