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Discover Evreka’s intelligent waste management solutions to digitize all waste management operations and improve operational efficiency!

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  • All-inclusive solutions for sustainable operations

    Waste management is now also one of the main focuses of resource management and sustainability. It is necessary to make in-depth planning from the collection and segregation to the last moment in the recycling centers to turn the waste back into a resource. For this, comprehensive, cutting-edge, customizable, and flexible solutions are needed, namely excellent Evreka waste management solutions!

  • The most comprehensive waste management software

    We provide smart waste management solutions for the entire waste management and recycling industry. With Evreka solutions, manage your assets easily, improve fleet management based on geofence technology, optimize facility productivity, maximize profit, and much more!

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  • Benefits of Evreka’s software solutions

    • Monitor the fill-level, movement, temperature, and location of the assets included in your waste management operations

    • Control the real-time location of the fleet with electronic devices

    • Stay informed about all employee activities and manage task fulfillment

    • Facilitate the communication process between authorities and customers

    • Increase productivity and control each task in your operations effortlessly

    • Solve communication issues between waste generators and waste management companies

    • Maximize inbound and outbound control in recycling centers and MRFs

    • Meet environmental, social, and corporate governance

    • (ESG) criteria

    • Customizable enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    • Transparent Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes

    • Invest in sustainable development and circular economy

  • New era in waste management

    Evreka’s All-In-One Platform revolutionizes the waste management and recycling industry with excellent waste management services. We open up new avenues by designing a complete waste management platform for every field:

    • Solid waste management solutions

    • Industrial waste management solutions

    • Commercial waste management software

    • Green waste management solutions and much more! 

    Explore the best solution for your business and reach golden standards with Evreka’s eco-friendly solutions for waste management.

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  • Upgrade the waste management process and achieve operational excellence

    Using Evreka’s waste management systems designed with advanced technology enables your business to enhance efficiency and maximize sustainability. Now, it’s your turn to integrate technology into each step of waste management and take your place among top waste management companies. Track and manage every stage of your operations and improve your competitive advantage with data-driven intelligence with Evreka’s solutions!


Achieve operational excellence and experience green waste management with our exclusive garbage management system that comprises numerous elements such as an online waste management platform, green waste bin, solid waste management software, and much more. Contact us today to be a leader in your industry!

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