Case Study: Excellent Construction & Demolition Waste Management

Read this case study to find out challenges our customers had while managing construction & demolition waste and how they managed to solve them with our solutions. Request FREE demo to understand our solutions even better!

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  • Overview

    The company’s main focus area is Construction & Demolition waste, their main clients are engineering and construction companies who outsource the waste operations. As their portfolio expanded they experienced some issues with keeping the service level as contracted while maintaining the operational excellence they had at earlier stages. They both provide containers, skips, and service of collection so when they expanded their operations became complex to manage with only routing solutions. For that reason, a comprehensive solution was required for their operations.

  • Pain points of our client

    • Not being able to track and manage whether the requests received from citizens & customers can be fulfilled

    • Having high SLA’s about completion time and proof of service

    • Not be able to assign ad-hoc tasks automatically and heavy workload on supervisors

    • Bookings were problematic as on-demand and scheduled orders start to coincide with

    • Paperwork is time-consuming and complicated in terms of data storage and interpretation

    • Lack of sustainable communication between field and back office

    • Difficulty in tracking the displaced and lost containers

    • Reduction of fuel consumption

    • Getting signatures of customers for legal documents to be submitted and keeping these documents as attached to service files.

  • Benefits we provide

    • With Evreka Customer Management Module, easy communication between the company and clients is achieved for on-demand work orders and past & planned collection activities.

    • Quote and order preparation and approval processes are also eased with Evreka Customer Portal.

    • All the customer information, including operational requirements, scheduled removal days, and locations, are started to be added, edited, and stored on the Evreka Customer Portal. SLA excellence was achieved and displayed to customers with real data and proof.

    • Optimized scheduling and routing are achieved with Evreka’s route optimization algorithms.

    • Detailed reports and further business improvement suggestions were available within the Evreka Ops Management Dashboard.

    • With Evreka Asset Management, tracking of containers becomes easy to do while keeping the customer and asset match updated in the dashboard to know which customer had which asset.

    • For on-demand collection orders, Evreka Operations Management Module is used to achieve digital task creation and task vehicle assignments.

  • What our customer gained

    • 38% reduction in managerial time was achieved through a centralized management system for operations

    • 33% decrease in operational time with dynamic pick-up & delivery route optimization in 3 regions

    • 38% decreased in fuel consumption according to analysis

    • 22% increased in SLA’s achievement

    • The operation planning process which takes 20 hours a month is exterminated.

    • Approximately 57% reduction in total managerial time spent, especially on operational planning

    • Transferred the %83 of customer communication done through phone and email to digital one platform.

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