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There is always an opportunity at Evreka to improve your skills as it is a part of our culture.

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Road to a career at Evreka

At Evreka, while we are working with OKR (Objectives and Key Results), we also try to create a working environment where all Crew members have the opportunity to improve their skills continuously in different fields with the evaluation of OKR. We also encourage them to improve their management skills by providing these opportunities to them.

“While Evreka was growing in the industry, the company also allowed me to develop my skills, by keeping communication at the highest level in social and professional terms and providing new areas and perspectives. I felt that I contributed with constructive feedback and promotion opportunities, and I was also able to improve myself technically.” says Mert who is working at Evreka as Software Developer and Team Lead. With his earlier experience of more than 8 years he was promoted to this Team Lead position after working as Full Stack Developer at Evreka.

There is always an opportunity at Evreka to improve your skills as it is a part of our culture and catch the opportunities of promotion with these improvements. Relevant to this, Göktuğ, who is promoted to Software Developer and Team Lead position after his 6 years’ experience as Full Stack Developer at Evreka, expresses his journey as follows: 

“In my career at Evreka, like everybody in the company, I have been taking big responsibilities in line with our “Do something you are not ready to do” value. While improving my technical and social skills with these responsibilities, I took a chance of promotion. At Evreka, we are also aware that in addition to promotion opportunities, there is always the opportunity to change positions or departments according to our interests and skills. Knowing these opportunities I have to improve myself and having the chance to take more responsibilities encourages me while working at Evreka.” 

For the future career of each Crew who is working at Evreka, there are different chances to improve their skills in various fields to make them ready when they have an opportunity to be promoted in their career path. We are using online training platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. and everyone can take any course any time for their personal or job-related development. We also have a EvrekaLibrary, where you can take or buy any book that would develop yourself personally or on your job. There are also trainings organized inside the company which include different topics like best meeting practices so that you have the chance to improve yourself from different perspectives for your future career path. We have also feedforward sessions with each Crew regularly and this gives the opportunity to constantly define the development plan for all Crews with defining their developmental needs and defining strategies how to assist them in this process together.

“At Evreka, a promotion plan is drawn up with the performance analyzes made by the managers at regular intervals and considering the individual’s career path.” says Ahmet Cihat, who is working as our Head of Staff. Thus, you can also be the next senior Crew who may have the opportunity to work with us and after a while improve your skills on management with our promotion opportunities in our company. 

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